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  1. Guys, thanks again for that. From what you are saying I guess my 2007 Lexus IS 250 must have been a SE-L.....just shows you what I know about my car........LOL. I bought it from Lexus Edinburgh and as far as I remember they told me it was driven by one of their Directors and it had about 4000 miles on it. I just assumed that all Lexus IS 250 SE came with Mark Levinison Sound systems..........honestly the sound system is's not just a very good Car Stereo.....there is something different about it, I can't put words to describe it, it's just like you are sitting in your front room with a very top end Hi-Fi system on. That's why I have had so much trouble doing this deal and thinking what other gadgets/luxuries am I loosing, in doing this deal but thanks to you guys telling me the extras I am going to gain it has made my mind up for me that it is the right decision. I totally agree with the comments that "Lexus would have ironed out all bugs and issues in the last models" My wife bought a VW Polo a number of years ago when it was a new model and that car gave us nothing but trouble and when we sold it back to the dealer we bought it from one of the sales men told us that we should never buy a brand new model of any car before the teething problems are sorted out............that advice (although truthful) was a bit late in the day Honestly, loosing the Mark Levinison Sound system could have been a deal breaker. I think the sound system on the model I am getting is a Pioneer.......I have heard it and it sounds like a very good system but the M.L. is just something else, on a different, higher level Does anyone know if the new Lexus IS 250 comes with the M.L. sound system as standard? or is it an addon on all the new models?
  2. Noby76 and Exdee thanks for your answers.....that's great, that's more than the Dealer could tell me. I think the only things I am loosing out on in the change is the Padel shifts on the steering wheel (for manually going up and down the gears.......which I never really used....probably only used them when I was on a motorway and I was bored and was looking for something different to do....LOL) The thing I will miss the most is the Mark Levinison Sound system......which is simply superb. In the past I driven Volkswagen and Audi's and I have never heard a sound system like it. Again another gadget my old car is a DVD player......which again I never ever used. Which brings me onto Noby76 question "why do you want to change?? is it to get a 2012 registered vehicle or more for the lower mileage? 36000 miles is barely broken in on your existing 2007..whats your main reason for making the change"?? The reason to change is like most people who want to change, I'm now retired and want a younger car which is under warranty and has very low mileage 3600. As I say previously I driven cars in the VAG group but coming to Lexus has been a totally different experience. The Lexus IS in my opinion is just luxury and a beautiful car to drive. Don't get me wrong I have had problems with Lexus with rusting Alloy Wheels.....I had two sets of wheel replacements and still they rusted and finally Lexus refused to replace them saying it wasn't their processes that were at fault....which I totally refute because I got a specialist company to sandblast them and recoat them and they have never rusted...not even when I slightly caught one of them on a kerb did it rust or discolour. Otherwise, I have had trouble free motoring in the 6 yrs I have owned the car. Noby76, you are right the mileage on my existing car has hardly run the car in at 36000 but that was reflected on trade in value of my car....which was about £300 short of the value given by "What Car" I am reasonably pleased at that....obviously everybody wants more for their car but you have to recognise when you feel the price is right for you. Thanks again for all your help it is much appreciated. PS is the Mark Levinison Sound system a standard on any model or did my Lexus SE come with it as an extra or was it on 2007 models and then removed on the SE models in latter years?
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  5. Guys thanks for your thoughts. Sorry I didn't come back sooner but I got hooked once I saw the car. It turned out that the car had only 3500 miles on the clock even though it had been advertised as 8500 miles. One owner who had bought in November 2012 and traded it up for a GS in March 2013 but had now got rid of it in April (because it was too big or some other strange reason) and now had ordered the new IS model. Seemingly he changes his car about three times a year.....likes new cars (great to have the money to do that..............I'm not complaining) I probably or might get a slightly cheaper deal once the new model of the IS comes into the dealers but would I get a car that fresh with only 3500 miles? Probably not. Guys nobody has still answered my initial question which is "the main differences between the specs. between these two cars?" my Lexus 250 SE (2007) and the new 2012 Lexus IS 250 Advance 2.5 Automatic The dealer didn't seem to have a list of differences other than the Mark Levinison sound system in my 2007 Lexus.....surely there must be somebody out there that knows the differences? Anyway I have done the deal......and am looking forward to picking up the car very soon and enjoying my gift to myself on my retirement. What do the rest of you think, do you think I did the right thing changing now? My existing 2007 Lexus
  6. I have a superb Lexus 250 SE (2007) with a Mark levinison multi media pack. the car itself has about 36000 miles on the clock. I'm thinking of purchasing from my local Lexus Dealer a 2012 Lexus IS 250 Advance 2.5 Automatic. Can anyone tell me the main differences between the specs. between these two cars? Of these two models.....of course I know the colour is different and the new one is 5 yrs younger. What I'm worried about is am I loosing significant gadgets/improvements to the new car. I'm thinking of retiring from work for good very soon and I don't know whether to go for the newer car with less miles on it or keep the existing car ( which I love) for another few yrs.......decisions,decionns....what do I do? Please help? Thanks Harry
  7. Hi guys Things are not good....with the Alloys, I mean. Just to update you on my long running saga of rusting Alloys, I had to contact Lexus Direct (which is a call Centre).....they couldn't deal with the problem and eventually put me in touch with Lexus Customer Service, who said that they couldn't deal with the problem as it should be dealt with by the a Registered my case, Lexus Belfast. Eventually I did get through to Lexus Belfast who asked me to bring the car to them so that they could take photos of the three alloys which were showing signs of Pitting. They duly took photographs and wrote a report to Lexus UK (on my behalf) A couple of weeks later Lexus Belfast contacted me to say "would I kindly bring the car to them again so that they could take more photographs because Lexus UK needed more proof that this was three separate wheels and not just one wheel whose photograph had been taken three times".....(Yes I couldn't believe that excuse either....if Lexus UK can't believe their own Dealer who can they believe!!!) Anyway, I did what they asked and brought the car to them (a round trip of 30 miles)and they took more photographs and a couple of weeks later Lexus UK made their decision. It was that they couldn't justify putting any more alloys on the car because they had already put 6 alloys on it and it was now just out of it's warranty. I'm not a bit pleased with this decision. If there is a fault with the alloys (and there is) then they need to own up to it. Since this decision the Alloys have got much worse with one wheel loosing about an inch of lacquer and rust is setting in and more bubbling has occurred......This wheel didn't even last a full year before this happened. Great Car, Terrible wheels, Great Looking car, poor customer care after the three year warranty is up. This experience has left me extremely annoyed and very unhappy. Would I buy another Lexus?.......I don't know......Lexus need to sort out the rusting Alloys first before I would look at it again. What do you think I should do with the wheels? .....should I get them refurbished? .......would that work?....... or buy a new set of Alloys.....any recommendations of what to buy?
  8. LexusForever That message was dated the 8th April 2008....nearly 2 and half years have moved on and guess what I have, the same problem.....corroding Alloy Wheels, except this is the second batch of alloys since I wrote in 2008. Whatever way you look at it, it isn't good and as I have said many times "it's not what you expect from a Prestige Car Manufacturer" I still haven't had a call back from Lexus Belfast when I phoned them on Tuesday giving all my details, name and address, registration, phone No and the problem. I even asked to speak to the Manager at the time of phoning but the receptionist said I would be better to talk to the Girl called ***** in the Service Section first. It's looking more and more like I will have to call Lexus GB and see what they think of this customer service. Not A Happy Bunny
  9. Tango I totally agree.......surely if the Alloys have been replaced with Brand New Ones (which mine were) then surely they should have a guarantee on them, if not three years then surely 1 yr......mine have only lasted less than one year. One thing I have learnt from this discussion is that it is the brake dust that harms the Alloys.....I really didn't know that. Mine you, I don't keep the brake dust on my car for long periods because I usually clean and wash the car once a week. The latest on Lexus Belfast is that they still haven't contacted me......they must be very very busy. I think I might take up the offer of Lexus GB in helping me if I didn't get a favourable response from my local dealer.....well, do you think no response comes under that term of reference?........I think it just might!!!! Vin (from Lexus GB)if you are reading this, you might be getting a phone call very soon. Can this Forum not bring influence to bare on Lexus GB to have another look at technical policy on Alloy wheels......if we the buying public can't bring about change within Lexus, what can? I'm sure it's not stupid costly surveys or "Ask a Question" Forms (which they have never replied too even though I asked them 4 times to reply)
  10. Thanks guys for your views. My feeling is that while a car is in Warranty then it is the responsibility of the Manufacturer to fix any faults that occur with that car, whether that is mechanical or structural or cosmetic. You wouldn't buy a new car if it had bumps or scratches on it and if you did you would expect the price of that car to be much reduced. I didn't buy my Lexus with bubbling or corroding of its Alloys, so I didn't expect any reduction in the price, so why should anyone put up with this happening in a prestige car that has a technical design fault. Lexus know this is a just have to look at the numbers of threads in this Forum about the problem of Corroding Alloys and I'm sure Lexus know themselves that there is a problem. It's just not acceptable and I for one wont be letting this drop (thanks Tango for your support) Also not replying to my Phone Call.....doesn't go down well, certainly not in my books. They were happy enough in taking my money off me when I was paying for a Service but now that the car is out of warranty it appears I'm going to be forgotten about.......I REALLY don't like that attitude. Don't get me wrong, I do like my Lexus, in fact I would say, it is the best car that I have ever driven (and that is after driving many forms of Audi's and Volkswagens over the years)but I don't like this attitude of your out of Warranty so we don't care about your car....well that's what it appears to me when they don't return my call. I know people have said on here that other car Manufacturers have this problem of corroding Alloys, well I have never ever seen it and as I have said I have had Audi's and Volkswagens and my friends have driven Saab's and BMW's and father-in-law drives a four year old Citroen and his Alloys aren't I just don't accept that argument. Surely Toyota and Lexus need to regain their driver ownership loyalty back after the brakes fiasco .....what does it take to get this Corroding Alloys sorted out? from a very unhappy Lexus owner
  11. Tango So far, no communication from Lexus Belfast yet being promised that they would contact me yesterday.....I'll just have to wait
  12. LexusForever.......I don't mean to be nasty but what posting of mine have you read say "glad to hear you got sorted".....what is Sorted? I'm confused maybe you have read some other thread. I have nothing sorted. My Alloy Wheels are once again corroding. I have had two sets of new alloys replaced since new. This third set have started pitting/bubbling. Thanks to Tango I contacted Lexus GB by phone and they have asked me to contact Lexus Belfast, which I have done.....but they haven't returned my call. So nothing is sorted. Also Lexus haven't admitted to this problem in their Alloys. So here I am out of Warranty and my Alloys are corroding!!! The last time they replaced the Alloys I asked Lexus Belfast "What would happen if the Alloys started corroding outside the Warranty Period" and they said "I'm sure Lexus will sort it out at no expense to you"........we will wait and see PS I forgot to tell you that I had previously contacted Lexus GB via their Web Site four times about this problem and I never ever got a reply
  13. Tango Thanks for your it appears that this problem has been going on for a very long time. Do you have a Phone No or an Email that I can contact them about this problem because I think they have an obligation to sort it out (even if it is out of warranty)'s just not good enough for a Prestige Car to have this problem. I was told by the Garage the last time this happened that Lexus knew of the problem and that it only appeared on UK spec cars but they had addressed and had put a higher spec on the new wheels (a thicker coat of lacquer)...........well you know what didn't work and I'm not a bit happy. Tango I could go down the route you took and buy my own set of alloys but the question is "why should I"? ......why should I be out the expense because a problem that Lexus have. The Garage also said that if the problem did arise again out of warranty "I'm sure Lexus will sort it out for you with no expense to you"......Well Lexus lets see if this is the case????.............but I do need to contact them to let them know of the can anyone help with their contact details?
  14. OK Guys Here I am again and the same problem has happened.......the nigglely problem of the Alloys bubbling up and corroding. Yes these are the ones that were replaced.....but it has happened again. The only problem now is that the 3 years warranty is up. Does anyone know how I can contact Lexus direct either by phone or Email to explain about this problem that has been recurring. As I have said many times before I am happy with my Lexus except this problem of the corroding Alloys.......................I never had a problem like this with my previous Audi's or VW Golfs (but Lexus is a far superior car than any or those.....except the corroding) Surely Lexus have an obligation to sort this problem out even if it is past it's warranty period (does it not come under the corrosion warranty) Please any suggestions would be welcome?
  15. What is the Email address of Lexus

  16. dgman thanks for that. So it has nothing to do with the petrol cars...or the Catalytic Converter? Does this recall improve fuel consumption? Thanks
  17. My friend owns a IS 220D and I own a IS 250 Automatic. Last week my friend was driving his car when suddenly a VMS light came on. He stopped the Car and phoned Lexus/RAC and the car was transported to the nearest Lexus Garage. A week later it was fixed and he was told there was a problem with the Catalytic Converter...........something to do with a build up of Carbon or something like that............the parts alone would have been over £1000 (but the car was under warranty being purchased at the end of last year) He told the Service Manager that his Diesel was very hard on fuel but she said that the fault which they had just fixed should improve fuel consumption. She also said that this fault was known by Lexus and that they were about to do a recall and when he received a letter he was to ignore it as the work had been carried out. Does anyone know about this Recall? Is this recall only for Diesels?
  18. OK here are more pictures of my Lexus with new Alloys:- and inside Thanks again for the suggestion of the Alloy Wheel Wax
  19. Sorry I forgot to say, I checked with William Mawhinney, Service Manager, from Lexus, Belfast regarding the cost of Road Tax for my Lexus IS 250se Automatic and he advised me that it should be £210...............still high but not as high as I originally thought (which was £400) So all told, I think I had a great day on Monday with a great result.............what do you think? PS. What Alloy Wheel Wax would you recommend? I have tried the Furniture Polish, which another contributor on this thread certainly was easy to put on but I would question its effectiveness........time will tell. In the past I have tried different Alloy Wheel Waxes and I have found them difficult to apply and buff up without leaving a white residue/mark on the Tyre itself. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  20. Hooray, Lexus Belfast (Charles Hurst Ltd) are fantastic.....especially William Mawhinney (Service Manager) 10 out of 10 for everything. William said that if I brought the car to them early about 9 o'clock on Monday Morning they would have the Alloys replaced and the dashboard removed and the offending speaker clip replaced and everything put back for about 2.30pm. So with the sun blazing the morning sky, I headed to Belfast. Held up by the usual unexpected road works, I arrived slightly late at Lexus Belfast at about 9.15am to be greeted, by a smiling William, saying that he had the replacement Alloys and modified Dashboard clip. I handed over the keys and was asked if I needed a lift to the Centre of Belfast. While waiting, for the lift (all of 2 minutes wait time) I overheard another customer (who was in getting his 10,000 mile service on his IS sport) saying that he had a problem with a rattle in the dashboard. I had a small chuckle to myself, feeling I wasn't the only one with this flaw. While being driven in the courtesy Lexus car to Belfast City Centre I was able enter into conversation with this customer to inform him that he wasn't the only one with this rattling dashboard, that mine also had this problem and that it was having a modified speaker clip inserted and new Alloys fitted. "Why" the amazed customer replied and I told him of the corroding alloys. To which he retorted "My goodness..........I also have that problem.......I had washed the car last week and saw that bubbling.....I didn't know what it was............I'm going to ring them now" We carried on our journey to Belfast while a very annoyed customer rang Lexus to inform them that he also had corroding Alloys and he wanted them to look at it. The rest of the day was taken up with a quick tour of our new Victoria Square (Shopping Complex) in the centre of Belfast (and if you ever get a chance to visit our beautiful wee Province.....then visit this (very expensive) domed complex. Then I and a friend drove to the picturesque and historical Village of Hillsborough (about 20 miles outside Belfast), were we had a leisurely walk around the Forest Park Lake, fed a few royal swans. About 12.30 we went to a local pub/restaurant and had lunch. After fed and watered we drove back to Lexus Belfast and arrived about 2.15pm. About 15 minutes later William came and apologized for keeping me but they had been washing the car. So what do you think of that for Service?...............SUPERB or what. They said the car would be ready for 2.30pm and it was. Great weather, Great Service and a great result. PS. the car looks like new (with the new Alloys) and no sign of a rattle. Thanks Lexus Belfast......I still LOVE my Lexus
  21. Oh sorry I forgot to show you the Bubbling/pitting..........and in a new car but I still love my Lexus. Hopefully tomorrow when I get the new Alloys this will be a distant memory
  22. Thanks for your suggestion regarding Furniture Polish.....I certainly will try that suggestion. In the past I have tried Alloy Wheel Waxes with my Audi Wheels......they have worked but they tend to be difficult to buff up to a shine......not the easiest to put on without touching marking the rubber wheel....the furniture polish should be easier to use and cheaper. What do you mean "1st Generation IS alloy wheels" you can see from the photograph I have provided I have the newish version of the IS. Do you mean the 1st release of the new shaped IS? if you do then the new replacement alloys should rectify this problem......well lets hope it does. On a side issue I showed this problem to a Mercedes Dealer friend and his reaction was one of shock and amazement that Lexus had let this problem continue. He said that he would be surprised if the replacement Alloys would go the same way........(I didn't tell him that some people on this forum were on their fourth issue of replacements)........obviously another German marque doesn't have this problem I must agree, she looks STUNNING.........even with the bubbling soon as I get the new Alloys I will take another picture
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