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  1. Hi , Well car is nearly two weeks old , and the ipod and grom should be here soon.. Having trouble finding a mount I like .. The reason i say that is , I've seen plenty on ebay and the like but they are all fairly big .. Quite ugly mounts .. I'm sure I saw one Ipod in a pic on here that was very tidy ... The floating Ipod effect ... Ideally thats what I'm after , see nothing except the ipod and the cable... Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Still considering letting it live under the arm rest .. The cable would be trouble to get in there without coming out around the fittings I think .. Anyway cheers ,,, still loving the car .. :winky:
  2. thought I'd chance my arm , you never know .. Looking for any tickets for the UEFA cup final.. For a bloke in work .. Might be worth the few seconds it took to type this .. thanks !!!! ;)
  3. Too true .. Endless amount of digging to be done here when all is quiet in work.. Anyone else got a tilt switch .. Reliable? I mean will they cause problems when parked and arming off the flat ??? Will probably talk to someone though.. hate the idea of someone pulling panels off the inside
  4. So very quick question .. My last cars alarm was bypassed by shorting the two wires to one of the side repeaters.. Was a Meta alarm , not sure which one one but possubly a piece a rubbish .. Obviously so actually .. Shorted then smashed window and i think the alarm died with all the fuses that blew !! Anyway , after some older type cars getting some attention from the local scum I'm worried about something similar happening again .. I honestly don't think these fools have the know how to take my new car ,, but not even being a week old it is actually keeping me awake ... HATE THESE WA :tsktsk: ERS WITH A PASSION. Also is two sets lof lock nuts over the top ? How difficult to have a tilt switch added to standard alarm on a 2005 SE ???
  5. just getting some practice in .. So now to find the grom... most get them from the states yeah ??? Thanks again .. ;)
  6. Thanks lads ,,, oh and ladies too of course ..+ :) Well have bought the car and all is brilliant .. I love it .. Sorry Steve , you must have the wrong car .. This one is manual with two owners the lexus dealer being one .. Full service history .. Lexus dealer was there but outgrew the site apparently .. Right now they are listers of hallow , prestige and sports cars.. Probably the most proffesional dealer I've ever dealt with and could not recomend them highly enough. They had the car MOT'd and cleaned up for when I arrived.. They collected me from train station which was great ( nice M3 ) To be honest I was nearly sold once i saw it first time , even before i went through it all.. They taxed the car for me and let me drive back with tax disk . I just have to post it back over so they can claim back the refund. Car was definately bought on my terms and was happy to pay the price we agreed. I'm so impressed with the lexus it'ds hard to put into words.. Nav all the way back to Holyhead was absolutely brilliant and works perfectly around dublin too .. May need new dvd for more detail around Ireland if one exists .. Can't believe how smooth and slick the drive is.. In every aspect .. Love the arm rest even .. Love that you can get through all the gears with the elbow still down .. Beautiful.... So thats it for now ,,, one very happy bunny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will put up the ad pics when I figure that out .. Thanks for the help .. Didn't mean to sound naive in the original post ,, just pre flight nerves i guess .. Could't have gone better in the end .. :D :D
  7. Right lads , few pointers needed .. Going to look at 2005 SE at Listers of Hallow ( Worcester) tomorrow ( not sure if i should mention the name but what the hell ) .. Car lloks mint but we shall see tomorrow . It's up on piston heads ... Am confident enough to check it over myself but wondering if there are any cheper options in getting someone to double check it .. Prices from the AA and RAC for an inspection are a disgrace .. I'd expect them to deliver it for that money .. Also , Need an MOT which he is happy to do in the morning .. Maybe it's just being from Ireland where MOT/NCT cenetrs are not privately owned but it's a bit off putting .. He wants it taxed before he lets it go .. Said he'll pay and then collect a refund somehow .. Is road tax that strict over there or is this just more company policy we have to put up with .. Suppose it's not a really bad thing .. Anyway , any advice from you lads will be much appreciated .. Cheers :D
  8. cheers noel .... Have done the maths and still comes in way under the market price here ... plus have seen some very low mileage stuff in England .. then there is the usuall , better roads , better service history. Hard to find the top spec leather and nav models in Ireland also.. The search continues !!!!!!!! :)
  9. cheers thanks .. probably buy from a dealer I think ,,, should really have a look in auto trader though .. Think the fact I'll save a fortune even from a dealer is what's making me a bit lazy .. yeah I've seen a couple here in ireland with empty straps in the right hand side if the boot.. Suppose if it's a dealer i can just getit all from another car if anything is missing .. Had a quick drive in a 200 sport the other day .. is there ahuge difference in drive with the SE .. Anyway .. everythig is ready to just fly over so any mint 05's let me know .. Thanks again ,, already lining up the grom and ipod .. PA
  10. Hi , have been looking around this site now for a few weeks . Very impressed. Should get across the water in the next 2 weeks to pick up an 05 200se ... just wondering what are all the bits and pieces that should be with the new car .. med kits tool kits etc ?? all that stuff... being fussy about the cars condition so might as well make sure everything else is there .. Haven't come across this in the forums .. cheers !!!!!!!!
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