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  1. I went to our place in Mojacar in Spain a week last Monday and with a trailer with two quads and two motorbikes on it I got 18mpg over the 1650 miles down there, on the way back with no trailer and the same weight except for the 15,000 B&H's I brought back I got 26mph. My car has nav and I was supprised to see that the trip was spot on. The most I've had on the trip was 415 miles after filling up and 32 mpg. BTW very comfy car for a long trip and it was very nice of Lexus to lend me the cd-rom's for France and Spain. Back down in a few weeks with my Scarab this time.
  2. I've had this before, just count the days, when it get to 59 then leave him bad FB. You only have 60 days to leave FB so maybe he won't have the chance to leave it for you.
  3. How come the tyres sit behind the rim? My tyres overhang the rim about 5mm to protect them from minor kerb damage like that......... Because the wheels are 9.5" with 235/30/20 tyres.
  4. I have done that trip loads of times as I go home(Wexford) every couple of months and I've never had a problem, even in the brothers Murcielago.
  5. This is what happened to the BBS's on the wifes S4 thanks to the brother in law They'll look great on your car mate
  6. If anyone could tell me how to change the box fluid I'd be most greatfull
  7. haha very true, you would have a hard time finding anything bigger and they do look small :D These are what I put on my Final Edtion Audi S8, 396mm with 8 pots I love having good brakes
  8. I checked the oil when hot, after driving the the car and without turning it off I go through all the gears with a 2 second pause between gears, then with the car in park and still running I checked the oil. I drive with the VSC and PWR on but will try a few different ways later today. Good to know that you think that it doesen't sound too bad. Cheers Will
  9. IRL


    Only one way to go and that's Michelin PS2's
  10. I've always used Zymol on my cars and tought it was great but that looks better.
  11. Are we brothers, because I was thinking just the same.
  12. New here and to Lexus, I've bought a 98 GS300 with 134k on the clock. The box changes as smooth as you could wish for but when I'm comming up to say a roundabout and I let off the gas to slow down and then gas it again the box is slow to take up. I've checked the oil level and I've followed the procedure but the level is about an inch over the top mark. One thing I must say about the car is that for the miles on it(full Lexus history)the car seems so tight, no rattles or anything. Why didn't I go for Lexus before know. The only problem I have with it is the sat nav, if the were the only problems that I've had with my other cars I be as happy as a pig in the smelly stuff. Cheers for any help you can give, Will
  13. I think I know the one your thinking about, I'll send you a p.m. about it. If it is then it's one that I have used at least 12 times, over 50 times including people I know who have used it, works every time.
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