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  1. “Trolling – (verb), as it relates to internet, is the deliberate act, (by a Troll – noun or adjective), of making random unsolicited and/or controversial comments on various internet forums with the intent to provoke an emotional knee jerk reaction from unsuspecting readers to engage in a fight or argument” taking my comments about feeling aggrieved completely out of context (like den had already done once in this thread to another user) and then randomly suggesting I would attend court to annoy people for no apparent reason is a somewhat controversial comment in my mind and fits part of the above definition of trolling.
  2. Er why would I go to court to annoy people. Didn’t except to find trolls on this board but looks like I was wrong! Thanks for your invaluable advice I’ll definitely bear this in mind.
  3. I’ve not a lawyer but found this under the Consumer Goods Act 2015 Misrepresentation A misrepresentation is a false statement of fact made by a person or their agent that induces someone else to make a contract with them. Dependent upon whether the misrepresentation was made fraudulently, negligently or innocently, the party who has relied on the misrepresentation will be entitled to a remedy that may include rescission (which means unwinding or cancelling the contract), refund and/or compensation. I’m probably wrong but in my mind supplying the wrong part for my vehicle could be seen as misrepresentation through negligence (you’d expect a main dealer to provide due care and attention to provide you a correct part).
  4. Not really bothered about £50 in scrap value to be honest bearing in mind the thousands this whole saga has cost me. I saw the old exhaust system for myself - looked pretty bad so I feel it was the correct decision to replace as there were issues with every section. I’m not expecting it to go my way, although at the same time I’m not prepared to sit and do nothing as I do feel aggrieved. Thanks for the advice ref mediator.
  5. Thanks Andy. I thought the same ref inspection of part prior to fitting. By all accounts the exterior appearance of the cat and muffler is identical. It’s only on closer internal inspection that the difference is visible. By all means the mechanic is very experienced and competent - I guess it all depends on the extent to which you’d expect a mechanic to internally inspect parts before fitting - especially if they’ve arrived from a main dealer. Bit of a grey area I suspect.
  6. I think you’re missing the point here - by all accounts and purposes the said ‘mufflers’ still appear to be in good working order, acting as straight through pieces of metal, so the warranty is not in question. The point is I didn’t request the mufflers - I requested a like-for-like exhaust system after supplying my car registration and only discovered yesterday I was supplied2 mufflers instead of 2 catalytic converters.
  7. Except I didn’t discover they were the wrong parts until yesterday, after doing my own research. I didn’t accept the goods on the knowledge they were the wrong parts, I accepted the goods based on the knowledge they were the correct parts as requested.
  8. Technically the warrant is irrelevant as I was supplied the wrong parts. I received 2 ‘mufflers’ instead of 2 catalytic converters when I asked for a like for like replacement exhaust system. The mufflers in question were never going to do the job of the cats so it was a question of when, not if, the vehicle would fail the emissions.
  9. Thanks for all the responses and good luck messages Update: @Malc the exhaust was heavily blowing round the cats and was advised this was non-repairable due to the amount of metal that had rusted away. the rest of the exhaust had really thin metal due to corrosion as well in some places hence why i went for the new system. @steve2006 the CO2 emission level was .64% on fast idle (max 0.3% for pass). servicing is fully up-to-date with all invoices. @black400 thanks for your suggestion of catclean - got 2 bottles and took it for a run, sadly no luck and it still failed the emissions - i think i know why now, hard to clean cats when you have no cats fitted!!! 😒 lamda sensors were also bringing up a fault code, changed those (£400!!), still failed the mot. sourced 2 new cats for £75 each (non genuine Lexus but come with a 2 year warranty - longer than 1 year Lexus warranty 🙂) but they did the job and car has passed MOT. Upon inspection of the lexus supplied cats, the mechanic stated they were missing the honeycomb centres. Further investigation by myself confirmed that the catalytic convertor parts originally supplied to me from Lexuswere in fact incorrect, this is shown on the original invoice. The part numbers supplied were 17550, when in fact the correct part numbers for the exhaust configuration with catalytic convertors should be 17400. So Lexus have ordered the incorrect exhaust system when I provided them with my vehicle registration. In fact the "cats" are showing up as "sub-mufflers" on the original invoice and they didn't even notice this when I raised the original complaint last month! @royoftherovers i've taken your advice and formally written to the dealer principal today (cc Lexus UK) explaining the above and requested a refund for all the fees incurred as a result of this issue (just over £1k). If I don't get the fees refunded I'll definitely be taking this further. I was thinking ombudsman and then small claims in that order. what a palaver! Will keep you all posted. thanks again.
  10. Hi all, Wanted to share my recent experience with Lexus with you to get your thoughts. I own a LS400 (1997) and around 2 years ago thought I would treat her to a new exhaust system (general wear and tear, rust etc although it lasted 18 years so I'm not grumbling!). Saw plenty of parts out there but chose to use a Lexus main dealer to purchase the entire system for £2k+ to save myself a headache for the potential of purchasing inferior quality parts. When I picked the parts up, I did notice that for example the catalytic converters didn't seem as well made as the originals (thinner metal and welds didn't seem great) but thought nothing of it as I was using the main dealer. Anyway fast forward 2 years and my car failed its MOT on emissions. I took it to a highly rated diagnostic specialist and they have pinpointed the fault to the cats. I spoke to the main dealer and they informed me that there was nothing they could do as the parts have 1 year warranty which had now expired. I informed them that whilst I appreciate this, I would expect the cats to last more than 2 years as the originals lasted 18 years. They were adamant they couldn't help me so I got the case escalated to Lexus UK Customer Relations. After some back and forth, they have come back to me today and informed me that their final decision is that they can't help me. I'm naturally really annoyed after paying a lot of money for genuine Lexus parts, I didn't think I would have this problem. The only option I have is to now contact the ombudsman which I will do but I'm not holding my breath Any thoughts on what my next steps should be - am I expecting too much here from Lexus UK? thanks in advance
  11. Hi Mate, Can you suggest a decent independant garage I can use in the future? I did try looking before biting the bullet with the main dealer, but couldn't really find much. Don't mind going up as far as Derby.... :) You have JEM in Hendon, NW London, and you have Westfield Motors In Essex. Those 2 garages are run by ex-Lexus people. I'm sure there are other garages that people in the South East have used. Ok thanks for your help, I will give JEM a try next time.
  12. Hi Mate, Can you suggest a decent independant garage I can use in the future? I did try looking before biting the bullet with the main dealer, but couldn't really find much. Don't mind going up as far as Derby.... :)
  13. Yeh, probably 40k for a new one... this one has cost me around 3k in total to buy and get right so I can't complain. Plus I think these look a lot nicer than the new ones.
  14. Thanks mate, Hmmm, any ideas why they still seem to be smearing a lot then?
  15. Hiya, Just back from Kwik Fit - it's the backbox that's gone - I can see where it's blowing from. Any ideas where to get a cheap one? Thanks in advance. I bit the bullet, and got the lot done from Lexus in Leicester. Was really pleased with the service them gave me (and the 15% LOC discount). I wasn't pleased with the IS250 that they gave me for the day - how uncomfortable are the seats??? Also the wing mirrors are bigger than my Transit van! In total my bill came to £980 from Lexus. This included... 'B' Service Every possible fluid change (inc brake fluid) Someone had put the front brake pads on upside down, so they corrected this On of the calipers was sticking (which I knew about) so they fixed this with the aid of a new 'slider'. Cam belt change New exhaust back box Front bottom ball joints Anyone got any views on if this was a good deal? Drives like brand new now :)
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