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  1. errr, i know i soudns stupid, but how do you paitn yoru calipers..- you mount it up adn take off all the wheels? Home jobie?
  2. What's teh secret of gettign those eyelids on?? And mroe importantly, where can i do it too :)
  3. I am in a similar situation. Well loved for immaculate astral black IS200 V reg, with 80k on the clock. x3 weekly polishes! I love the car much but am not sure if it is time to part ex with some of the lexus dealers for a SE auto (hate North London traffic)or sell private or keep it till it breaks down? What is the hit on the resale?
  4. I work two jobs, Anaesthetist - Day time, at George Eliot, Nuneaton Game Concept Artist - by moonlight (the moonlight shows us for what we are.. mwuah hahahahah )
  5. Hmm, Only problem is I've now moved from Sheffield to Nuneaton (warwickshire/Birmingham) to work at teh local hospital here Barnsley's a good 1.5 hour drive I reckon. By the way, how long does it take to refurbish the whole 4 wheels. abotu 1-2 days?
  6. Anyone know what's the cost of the HKS Hypersilent exhaust. (plus, does one attempt a self install or the local lexus dealer/garage?)
  7. Interestingly enough, I bought some zymol products down in Endfield Halfords the otehr day (smelt nice) and it was the strangest experience (nasally and visually) using the shampoo and polisher. Zymol products smell like ..rich cosmetics or I liken it to a facial for the car. Once I cleaned the bloody car inside out and exteriorly about twice over, I laid down a polish of T cut black, followed by autoglym extra gloss, and out of curiosity, tried out the zymol polisher. It is a lot of hard arm work, but its quite fun and the results were pretty good. I'll let you guys knwo how long it lasts as I tend to speed up and down the M1/M6 between London/Nuneaton for work purposes
  8. have you guys ever considered a weekend in somewhere picteresque like North wales/snowdon?
  9. drwong

    Alloy Refurb

    Anyone tried out either Pristine or Premier for swapping or refursbishing their set of alloys?
  10. Just where can one find a good stock of Meguiars in UK? or any hassle free mail order company. If so, please PM me *grin*
  11. Hi there guys, does anyone know if Lexus sells refurbished alloys or help to refurbish the crappy (because they really started pitting orribly) standard alloys they supplied.
  12. Any idea if we can purchase this film in UK?
  13. ifraz, could you also pm me the company details! Thanks!
  14. just a blow over to smooth out the chips...in the same black..as ever...
  15. Is it just a basic respray? I have been fishign around bradford for a few resparay shops, the process seems to be a 7 layer spray job over 4-5 days....using a light IR sensor to detect teh exact paint colour... Does that sound abotu right? so far, costings are between 200-450 GBP for front bonnet and wings and bumper