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  1. Jamie, What's your advice in relation to run flat tyres? I like the idea of them in some ways but I'm currently running them on my SC430 and I'm convinced they definitely make the ride too firm (by Lexus standards anyway). I've seen some other members in the past have switched to normal tyres with supposedly good results. Are there any negatives to doing this aside from not having a spare? Also, is the foam stuff any good in emergencies? Obviously it won't be in a complete blow out....
  2. Hi guys. Looking to purchase some new 19" Rays wheels for the SC. Could you give me the ideal tyre size for this size alloy. Cheers Chaz
  3. looking good mate. Easy to do or a bit of a task. How much?
  4. Hi Mate. Open the radio door. Then open the centre armrest and pull the heated seat switch slightley forward and up at the same time and this will lift out. You dont need to disconect just leave it to one side then get hold of the trim at the heated switch end and pull upwards slowly untill it unclips. You then have to pull it towards you at a bit of a angle and it should release from the radio end. No screws to undo just held in place with preasure clips. You might want to use the shift lock to put the selector into the drive position to keep it out the way. once its out you will see what you need to disconnect and how it goes back is just the reverse but dont push/ pull too hard as the clips can break. Hope this helps. Chaz.
  5. Yeh and welcome to the SC club. Hope you enjoy the drive Regards Chaz
  6. Dont talk yourself out of it. Our cars look hot with large aftermarket wheels. Totally changes the look and gets all the stares. Post up the new pics when they are on you wont regret it a bit. Good luck Chaz
  7. As above 20" kahns on mine no problem and the everyday ride is fine two. I would be all over them they look hot. Get them on Regards Chaz
  8. Thanks for your time and help mate. Regards Chaz
  9. Hi Mate. No that is a tweeter above the one i am on about.See where the door handle is in the top pic it is the circular hole just to the side of it. Just read at the bottom it is part NO4 and says not serviceable. Thanks again Chaz
  10. Not tried a breakers yet but Lexus couldnt help me. Could you recomend any breakers that deal with Lexus cars. Dont supose they would get many Sc 430's in though. Thanks for the suggestions though Chaz
  11. Hi Guys, As above really. Can anybody help me locate the small speaker badge from a SC 430 upper door speaker cover. It says Mark Levinson on it and is quiet small Thanks in advance Chaz
  12. Hi Ian, Think i would be tempted to move away from the dealer and upgrade if they need doing. With most parts i tend to uprade as they need replacing. Just on a side note which service have you had done and at what price (PM me if you want) as i have a bit of a choice to make. My car is a 03 53 plate but only has 19000 miles on. Only done 3000 in the last year and was wondering what to do about servicing as the cars age says next service should be the biggy however the milage says not. Regards Chaz.
  13. Will do mate thanks for the offer of help. Chaz
  14. Hi Mate. Looking good very nice. May have to get one ordered. Top Job Chaz
  15. Well tonygo i have read all the way through this thread and have to say it is a shame what has gone on but you now have it clear. 1. You will have to pay for the hire car. 2. you have a large bill of some £370 to pay Lexus Bradford and i suspect with how they feel they will pursue full payment. 3. You have now to move your UNSAFE car yourself at your own expence. 4.You will personally feel you no longer wish to keep the car with all this trouble. 5.Sometimes no matter how much you feel hard done by you have to accept you are beat and get on with life. Take the free parts from Lexus. Move your car on to another dealer to get it roadworthy. Then either trade the car on or keep it but for your own sake and that of your family please move on from this. Sorry it hasent gone how you want and take care. Chaz
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