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  1. Hi Fishboy You may well be right with your observation. The air con hadn't been used for a few months and then used quite a bit for a couple of weeks.
  2. Thanks Texas. Much appreciated.
  3. A further question please: Having now established that it is indeed the seized ac compressor, does anyone know how I could get hold of a belt which is the right size to bypass the ac pulley.
  4. Big thanks to everyone for the advice. As usual, you guys have come up trumps. much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for or the quick responses folks. AA man said he thought by cutting the belt the engine may run but I'm not sure of the longer term issues that might cause. Does not having that belt mean anything other than the ac not being operable?
  6. My IS250 with 10 years and 170k miles under its belt broke down today. AA say the air conditioning unit has failed causing the car to stall and it wouldn't restart. Has anyone experienced this or got any idea how much it will cost to repair? Thanks.
  7. For what it's worth here's my view as a former owner who sold an ISF (2008) last year. Firstly let me say that the ISF is an amazing car so no question about it, buy one! There is a real contradiction where the ISF is concerned. Awesomeness of the car, scarcity of numbers, general excellent condition of the vehicles remaining (mostly enthusiast owned) and amazing reliability. They are just some of the pluses. But those same pluses mean that owners expect to get a premium price when they sell. Hence why most are over priced in my opinion. I sold my 2008 immaculate ISF with 40k miles for £18000. I wasn't bombarded with interest but the guy who bought it, like you, had been looking for a while and was blown away by my cars condition. In summary I believe all owners know how good and rare the better examples are and as such want top dollar. I am seeing the prices stabilise and if anything rising. As such, investing in a decent 2008 to 2010 for anything up to £18k to £19k is a good investment and I don't think you'd lose a lot in depreciation. Hope my thoughts help and obviously it's only my, previous owner, experience. We all have an opinion and for the record, if I could buy my old one back id do so it in a heartbeat.
  8. Thank you my friend. I can't tell the difference either!!!
  9. Help again please. is my GS250 (2013) F sport Mesa Red or Crimson Red. im finding conflicting info and wondering if they are one and the same.
  10. Does anyone know how I can programme my 2013 GS250 to auto lock all the doors once the car reaches 5mph or so? My old IS had this but I can't find an option to change it on the GS. Thanks.
  11. Big Rat. I'd love to see the info on the mesa reds if you can let me have it.
  12. Big Rat. I would but I think I'd be disappointed after the one I had. It was spot on and doubt there are many around that could live up to it.
  13. Yep that's the one. Seb was the guy I dealt with at Edinburgh. it was a beautiful car...... hopefully still is.