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  1. personally when i changed mine i used osram fillament bulbs ( just like the originals ). if your using led,s and there flickering there must be a problem. maybe the canbus compatabilty ?
  2. ok, i,ll rephrase that. its much easier to replace the side light bulb if you remove the airfilter box and disconnect the maf sensor (drivers side) unless you have the hand size of a 5 year old
  3. the drivers side you will have to remove air filter box and disconect the maf sensor
  4. i use autoglym wax 😀
  5. you can run it on a chromebook but you will need to install vm (virtual machine) running windows 7
  6. get a dremel and cut the cover off . then super glue back on 😆
  7. thank you normski. ive got the bulbs as the one on the drivers side is not working and the mot is due soon. but i shall replace both.
  8. how is the front sidelight bulb attached . is it a plug type or a push turn jiggery pokery type thing to replace . thanks in advance for any help
  9. I can confirm that the 2010 is250 fsport comes with a m l sound system
  10. goodyear eagle f1,s all round and they last quite well i find
  11. lexus southampton offered me 8.5k for my 2010 is250 f sport 30.000k on the clock and full lexus sercive history, albiet if i done a part exchange...... and you can garantee they would of put a 2k mark up on the price when they resold it
  12. you could always syphon or drain it out and sell it 😃
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