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  1. I was thinking the same too, but that would mess everything up.. New set is around £40 & im not willing to pay such stupid price. nice one for the heads up
  2. I was told the old shape lexus have the same locking nut..
  3. the locking nuts are different for each car !! OMG !! You being for real ?? :(
  4. Right... I need a very very BIG BIG FAV! Anyone close to the E17 area on here OR near?? If so, I would like to borrow your LOCKING NUT! I need to change my tyre as i've been stopped by the police this morning (nice start to the day hey) I'll drive down to u, Cant seem to find mine as its taken a walk somewhere.. So pls anyone willing to help drop me your contact details Many thanks....
  5. Right, I need someone to do my service for me as Lexus are way way too expensive for me... I need it done asap! Is there anyone on this site who can do it/recommed to me?
  6. Right, Its that time where my auto car need's a oil & gear box oil changed!! NO I dont want to go to the main dealers as its a total rip off + I dont have that sort of money to spend in this time of recession ! (sorry but Im on a tight buget along with Xmas around the corner too) Can anyone recommed me anyone on this forum room who could do this outside my house? I have my own lil drive if room is needed. Also can anyone tell me as regards to engine flushing, Is is recommded for my IS200 with 70,000 odd miles? What is the best rich engine & gear box oil to buy for a Auto IS200 P.S PLS DONT GRILL ME IF THIS IS IN THE WRONG PLACE FOR ADVERT
  7. DAM!! Thanks for all the reply :) didnt know about the steel wall !
  8. So im off for afew days & planing on buying my new tv stand!! But the boot is too small.. is there anyway of droping the back seats down?!?! cant seem to work it out... HELP PLS!
  9. Anyone got any tickets for sale for a realistick price !?!?!? Im after 4 tickets ladz, if anyone does have them give me a shout on 07821310901 Cheers :winky:
  10. Ryt, the hardest time of my life!!! Ive just lost my dad via cancer & Ive got hes pride & joy sitting outside... Sadly its been a very painful time for me & all my family/friends too ! Hes Is200 is sat outside .. I would love to keep it as a rememberance of him but cant afford it/trying to move on. Looks like there will two things close to me that I will be lossing now ! Thanks guys
  11. Big difference !!! mine pulls away much faster .... ( luv that lexus engin sound :D) a moment to myself :D
  12. Right, I’ve got an Is200 on a V-reg & my elder brother has an Is200 on a Y-reg both are AUTO! Mine is 73,000 & my elder is on 78,000 (something along them lines) but defo not 80,000. We got the same spec but when we tested it out on a drag race to see who’s a better driver & what’s the fastest time my car always gave out on top! Even we he drove mine & I had driven he’s I came last all the time in he’s car. Now we check it out the power which came out of my Lexus was much better & faster too The power on he’s car seems very poor + it takes a very long time for the rev’s/miles to clime up :tsktsk: Anyone know why this is??
  13. O MATEEEEE !!!! ur gona make me crackkkkkkkkk !!!!
  14. Thanks for da replys guys... Yup, I totaly understand what you mean... I've lost alot of people in my time & im only 24 years old & been thur alot of sh*t My dad was 55years old but he had cancer... & had no way out of it! as u can see im postying a reply when most people would be asleep!
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