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  1. On my conversion it was custom made the only thing that you have to be careful when its custom that it must perfectly balanced because if its not you will get disturbing vibration on the car...
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  3. Well i have a friend that has a Toyota and Honda services center he was the on that made the installation,many peoples had come with different theory's the first is that the sensor ecu from the Is200 is working side by side with the 2jz ecu and that could be a conflict but it must work like this because the 2jz ecu just do the engine work, now the other theory is that everybody knows 2jz comes with a lower differential than the IS 200 the other conflict could be that the speed sensor its not recognizing actual speed so its very confusing(thanks for the greeting and its so cool that you had been over my country i lived in Santiago which is the sencond largest city on the country , i will put more pics from the installation and the car )i did upgraded the intercooler because the one that its on the pic it was from the evo 6 that i had)
  4. Hi!! im sorry for my bad english ... im from the Dominican Republic i have a Lexus is 200 with a 2jz-GTE engine with a atomatic transmission, since i did the conversion i havent been able to enjoy it. My problem is that when i start from cero at full trottle when it goes to change from second gear to third @ 5,500 rpm the car start to limit when is supposed to go up to 6,800 rpm and if i pull out the trottle a litle bit chages to third gear some times it runs perfect and passes the gear correctly without no problem at all.
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