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  1. Hello All, I have a 1999 GS 300, a few days ago a knocking/tapping noise starting to be heard from the drivers side footwell area. It gets louder with the air con on, with the air con off it is just heard when the vehicle is in low revs. Its in its fourth day now, and seems to be getting louder. Any ideas? Any help is much appriecieted, also im not technically minded when it comes to vehicles, so please forgive me if i ask a lot of questions. p.s. I live in the west london area, if you guys know of a decent place where I can fix would be much apprieciated. Many thanks for your time and help.
  2. Hello All Can anyone tell me if they know where I can purchase the Kazz grill from in the UK, or if there is a replica of it available from the net? Tried the net, but all i could get was the orginal from the states for about £150 - £180 mark, (that includes Ebay USA). Really like the grill, just want to see if there is any cheaper version or a replica of available. Many Thanks.
  3. Got it done today, WOW... looks really good, took the guy about 2hrs, but was worth the wait. I'll see if i can post a pic of them. thanks for all your help guys.
  4. Hello All, Im planning to install a new pair of lights, the one with the halo's of a BMW, but how do you remove the headlights? I hope i dont have to remove the bumper!! Thanks for the advice.
  5. Hello all Im getting my new light cluster for my gs300 2morrow, its like the ones on the bmw, (halo style). My question is, how do i remove my existing lights, i hear i may have to remove my front bumper. is this true or is there another way? My car is a 98 > S reg. Thanks for advice guys.
  6. got it done today, all i gotta say is wow. it sounds the dogs b***ks. thanks for all your advice guys. just gotta figure out how to put on my new lights, but thats another post. Many thanks
  7. I had a look at it today, and thought forget about it, i'll get someone to do it, just to hard for simple me. ps what do you mean when performace will drop, are you talking about engine performace or something else? sorry for being such a nuub, but im new to all this mechinic magic. thanks for all your advice and help.
  8. i'll let you know by tuesday, im gonna give it a go first, and let you know, thanks for the offer.
  9. Hello all I have purchased a performance airfilter system. For my 98> GS300 Tell me how hard or easy is it to install, what tools would i need, or should i get a mechanic to do it? the most i can do on my car is to top up the water, yeah ... yeah... stop laughing. But i want to give this a go. What do you suggest? or is there a website with step by step instuctions or something close to it for my car. Many Thanks.
  10. mk1 sport alloys. only in 18". however i think they'd be the best option. you can get them from the dealer for around £900. 8.5" front, 10" rear. toms alloys look good also, but you'll have to pay a high price.
  11. I should have left more details, im new to this. My GS300 is an s reg (99). if thats any more help im looking for the 19inch rims what style do you recommend, im what something understated, but still says lexus.
  12. Hi, i've got 19'' on mine and i've got 245 x 30x19'' on the front,265x35x19'' on the rear,but i only lowered the car by 20mm,and i don't have any rubbing,even with a full load of human FAT :D .The only thing is to get the right wheel off set.My off set is 37mm to 40mm,but could only get 35mm off set for the front,so i got around this by adding a 3mm spacer.Onthe front 114x9,5 35mm off set with 1'' lip,On the rear114x10''x40mm off set and a 2'' lip.U should also check if your is the some as mine because mine is 2005 GS430 with a big brake pack B) so u might get away with a 35mm off set.Hope this helps B) .
  13. Im planning to get rid of my alloys, at the moment i have 20 inch alloys, but im getting a bit tired of the rough ride. Looking to purchase 19inch, can you tell me what size tyres i should get and make please. also i have had the car lowered by 35mm. I would like to fill up the wheel well as much as possible with out it rubbing, and have a more comfortable ride. Many Thanks in advance.
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