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  1. Nurburgring 2009

    EDIT: oedipus was a bit faster then me :mat: Hi mates! Don't know if you're already informed, but we will be a bunch of people from the Euro LOC coming to the Ring on the same weekend! Here's the latest list of the atendees: oedipus Clafel Mick Borov JS-75 Spook Handyman Black Lex (??) Michael I (?) Bakerman (?) Looks like it's going to be a fun meeting with international character! :)
  2. Greenstuff Front Pads

    I use the RedStuff for over a year now and am quite happy with it. Even when cold, brake power is excellent. Btw., concerning the Mintex, does anyone know if pads are available for the IS350 (GS300) front calipers? I did not find any reference for Lexus on their online catalogue. And where can I order Mintex?
  3. Jae Attendees & General Chat

    Was just surfing around the net for some JAE pics and found this post showing tug-of-war action with DJ Wozza and Gord: S2000 Forums and Lazyboy preparing for lunch: (picture 31, below middle of page): MR2 OC
  4. Jae Attendees & General Chat

    Hey Wozza, Only have these 2 from the Nürburgring meet. Should still be your actual setup?
  5. Jae Attendees & General Chat

    Pictures are up finally. Here are the links: LOC related All other
  6. Jae Awards

    Had that idea too, but the plate sticks so hard, I'm afraid it will bend when taking it off. Will try with a hairdryer though, maybe the glue will loosen up when it's hot.
  7. Jae Awards

    Opps looks like I may have handed you the wrong trophy Claude Must admit I was getting a bit confused at the time 'Best in Show' was for the best car overall, quite simply yours was voted the car everyone would love to own and was perfect in everyway (not that Inicol63's isn't perfect too) 'best standard' was for the best car which hadn't had any modifcations done. If both you & Ian are happy to keep the ones you have then we can leave it or if not maybe you can swap address's No problems Janey, these things may happen when there's a lot of prices to give away! ;) I know what I got the trophy for, that's what counts. Many thanks for voting my car as such! As Ian stated the trophy is an extra to remember a great weekend!
  8. Jae Awards

    Hm, getting confused now janey's post says mine is "best in show" and "best standard" is Inicol63. Looking at the plate on my trophy, it states: "1st best standard" Can anyone please explain the difference? (Not that I'd complain about the trophy , just unsure )
  9. Jae Attendees & General Chat

    What a great weekend at my 1st JAE! -And 1st time in the UK too.- Very lovely country I must say! Driving on the left side was an amusing experience too. Everyone there showing great hospitality made it a comfortable stay, especially coming up and only knowing a handful of faces. Well done to all members diggin their efforts in the various competitions and showing the power of LOC! And also thumbs up to all the people organizing the plot and providing essentials as electricity, gazebo, BBQ and MUSIC Well, my trip back home took quite some time despite I was allowed on a train 2 hours early before the one I was booked onto. Thunderstorms, road work, etc. in France caused complete congestions and I arrived at 12.45 AM only, making it an 11 hour journey But this doesn't stop me from showing up next year whenever my spare time allows it. Pics will be up soon, gotta sort them out as there are more than 300.... P.S.: There's been a couple of pic requests from my car, HERE are a few shots I took.
  10. Jae Attendees & General Chat

    I'll bring myself a set of earplugs, so I can sleep anywhere! It's the last things that fit in my trunk, haha. See you tomorrow afternoon!
  11. Received mine a few minutes ago!
  12. What Can You Bring To Jae

    Sorted some things out today: - a small gas stove - 1 foldable table - 2 foldable chairs - a package of 50 disposable plates - 1st aid kit is in the car too - a large Maglite will see what else I can find
  13. Jae Trophy & Prize Categories

    Hm, just "googled" my trip with ~402 miles in about 7 hours time (not sure if the tunnel is counted with), if Florian will come, it will be roughly 550 miles for him.....
  14. Announcement Re: Jae Food

    One more lamb here please! I might also bring some beer if the camping stuff doesn't waste too much trunk space. :P
  15. Hello From Luxembourg!

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! :D Seeing the pic now, I´m feeling the dirty weather again we had then. @ aztecbandit1: Never mind for slowing me down...or maybe did I forget to tell I couldn´t keep up @ Yaumeister: Yes, that´s exactly why I got the price, I´m so proud of it. It was me you saw there, I remarked you a bit late after my wife told me there was someone driving around without front license plate :winky: . Hope you did enjoy your ride! We were only going to a couple of spectators points. The Ring was on our way back home anyway and I didn´t risk to race with all the stuff that was lying loose in the trunk.