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  1. This is my Lexus. There are many like it but this one is mine Athough I had one as a company car a few years back. EDIT: I would have posted two days ago when I got it but to be honest I have spent more time in the car than in the house! :)
  2. Congratulations mate. All the best! :)
  3. Jesus mate. That is bang out of order. He deserves a hiding.
  4. That's not good. At least it was her fault for not being far enough back to stop in an emergency. Small comfort, I realise.
  5. Wow, this is all greek to me. I'm looking at getting a set of 17" or 18" alloy wheels for an IS250 and by the looks of this I will have to get them professionally fitted as I have no bloomin' idea what the above posts mean! :) Interestingly, not many websites offer wheels for the IS250. Plenty offer them for the IS200 but I am unsure if the dimensions of the wheels, arches and so on will be the same, so I am reluctant to buy any. I've trawled this forum looking for any posts that might help me but I either draw a blank or I find posts with information that makes no sense to me, a complete idiot when it comes to wheels. I would be ever so grateful if someone could let me know if these wheels will fit and what size tyres I should be getting please? Many thanks HRD Info about them here
  6. For the total body kit, my local Lexus dealer quoted me £1997 painted (Argento Ice) and fitted to a 250.
  7. You can't get away from the fact that it looks like someone got a full size car and 'squashed' it up. Ugly monstrosity, or good Photoshop.
  8. Interestingly, the local Lexus dealer to me quoted me £1997 all in for painting and fitting a complete body kit on an IS250. I'd like one on mine when I get it. I take it the SR is literally just a base 250? I want a 250 SEL MM Auto.
  9. Not good mate. I hope it wasn't badly damaged and that you are OK too? HRD
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