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  1. Gave Lexus a call i'm covered under 1years warranty so will look at it but if its a caliper they charge me for fitting a new one+labour charge <_< Whats the chances of that happening Are they about £200
  2. Says on sheet RBT Front Brake inbalance 16%. Think i will ring Lexus and see what they say. Thanks for help will keep u posted on what they say. jann B)
  3. Hi guys just had my MOT done on my Sportcross and got the advisory note which stated: "Front brakes only just met the front imbalance requirements.It would appear that the braking system requires adjustment or repair" Had new Disc pad front+Brake Disc front fitted at Lexus Sheffield Aug 08 Any help only done 4k since fitted.What should i do next. Thanks jann
  4. Had no problems in my Sportcross going to work on the edge of the pennines in the snow On a few corners slip indicator light came on and dropped revs but otherwise ok.
  5. 1. No reversing sensors on my sportcross (but had them fitted when i bought it+ id be lost without the rear wiper) 2. Wing mirror controls not being illuminated (should they be) 3.Poor covers on locking wheelnuts (had 2 nicked but when i went into my local lexus dealer they told me i had to buy nuts+covers as a full set)
  6. HI,quick question is there a low fuel warninig light on my 200 Sportcross Picked up a friend of mine late last night but never checked my fuel when i set off Coasted home on fumes coz my local petrol station was shut and i hope i havnt sucked up any s****te of bottom of my tank into the system
  7. Problem sorted luckily before warranty expired. LEXUS offered me another years warranty for my own "peace of mind" at a bargain price of £665. Only thing thats ever gone wrong in 3 years so think i will bite the bullet and decline the offer
  8. Cheers chaps....Funny you should mention about slight dink. It may not be related but i had a new rear bumper fitted last month after the postman backed into my car :iraqi-info-minister: Hit it hard enough to shift the car but fortunately only damaged the bumper (hit it from the side,bang on the corner) so what do you think Car due 40k service so looks like a trip to Lexus a little earlier than expected as warranty runs out in july
  9. Noticed that 1 of my washers is stuck in the raised position. On a previous thread someone suggested using wd40 to free them,tried it no joy :eerrrmm: Dont want to push it down incase i damage it. Washer bottle full so any advice Thanks julie-anne
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