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  1. sweet car,wish i had anough money to get 1
  2. Hi all i've been considering selling,misses learning to drive and its only a weekend car for me and the car is just to thirsty for driving back and for but i find they are very varied in price any feed back would be great 2000 x full lexus history all lexus receipts original collection note gold badge model 84k miles sweet runner dark blue colour coded pictures are on my profile unable to down load
  3. hi im looking at selling my rx 300 4 a rav 4 for the misses but only spending £5000 max,i was hoping rav 4 would be alot better on feul as she will be using car alot when she passes her test,the lexus would be too heavy on petrol 4 her to run all the time,what age rx would they be interested in?
  4. Hi all been thinking about selling car due to the misses learning,how much might i get. 2000 x,80k,gold badges (told thats rare by lexus)?
  5. Hi all ive got an mrk 1 300 se 2000 plate,my partner is now learning to drive but i want to keep the car cause its surperb but the mpg is a big problem what can i exspect to get with gas?, and how much can i exspect to pay for conversion?, how reliable? many thanks
  6. Rx 300 Air Con

    thanks for the info il get it chequed out
  7. Rx 300 Air Con

    hi there thanks for the post when they re gassed it said no leak, pipes were warm not evev cool should i just buy for £133 i think it worth it?
  8. Hi there im back Yeah im bragging not selling,hope the car turns out good,let me know hope she gives you more info before you go thou
  9. Hi there ive got a blue rx 300 se x reg (2000) 82k on clock, cheap tax happy days,car is great but with standard alloys dont feel solid anough, ive got pics on profile dont know how to insert them here yet ! havent seen one in black that would look nice .mine was up on a for court 4 £9999.00 i straight swapped it for my imported 05 warrior i was well happy only worth around £7000 - £8000 i would think now, how do u insert photo i cant seem to do it ? ive got photos on my profile. good luck itchy
  10. itchys pics

  11. Rx 300 Air Con

    many thanks,got told it would cost £400-£500,i can have my air con working now while this weather lasts!
  12. Hi all My air con recently packed in (when its nice weather)i ve had it re gased,still not working light flashes only warm air coming out,been told to buy a condenser unit,is this right and where is the best place to get it many thanks