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  1. Could be the EGR valve is clogged up. I had this a couple of times and not long after the "check vsc" warning and limp mode scenario would kick in. One time it killed the cat and would have been a £2,000 - £2,500 repair as the car was >1 year out of warranty, but Lexus covered it as goodwill gesture (it probably helped that the car was serviced by Lexus / Toyota though). To avoid a repeat of this and any potential head gasket / DPF/ DMF failures I now drive a Toyota GT86 - miss the Mark Levinson, reversing camera and some of the refinement - but good fun and better on fuel. Will probably return to Lexus in a couple of years time once the new IS is bedded in and if they do bring out a couple version as hinted.
  2. Try putting some grease in the runners and move the seat fully forwards and backwards a few times to spread the grease - it solved the problem for me.
  3. Rang Lexus Roadside Assistance (the AA), and they turned up within 20 mins, plugged in his computer and was told the problem was the EGR valve. I took up his offer to clean it and clear the fault codes to get me up and running again. He did this in 3/4 of an hour and the car drives normally again. The amount of "soot" was amazing. The car is due a service (at my local Toyota centre) next week and have asked them to check the valve (as per AA man's recommendations), although he said this would happen again at some point as my commute to work is only about 10 miles. So I think I will be keeping it until next spring and be going back to petrol or possibly hybrid. PS The service from the AA was excellent.
  4. On my home from work tonight (about 3/4 miles from home) I had the dreaded "check vsc" warning and engine went into safe mode. As posted above I had a similar experience about 18 months ago. That time I was told the EGR valve had got clogged and caused the CAT to fail. Is it likely to be the same fault (I have done 10k or so since)? If so would Lexus cover the cost? Or what elaeis it likely to be. I have Lexus roadside assistance - would they be able to diagnose the problem?
  5. I had the same problem last year. Mine was 13 months outside the warranty period (44k) and had been serviced by Lexus / Toyota service centres. I had mine towed into Lexus Cardiff and they estimated around £2300 to put right, but said they would contact Lexus if any goodwill would be forthcoming. Fortunately Lexus came up trumps and met the cost and restored my faith in the brand, so will give them first crack of the whip when I decide to change.
  6. The following warning message appeared today "oil maint req'd". I've checked the oil level and that seems fine and also reset the oil maintenace log in the maintenace menu on the navigation screen. The car drives normally and the temperature gauge is normal aswell. Has anybody had a similar message and is there an easy fix?
  7. I think I had the same problem (I have a 2006 220d Sport with 44k). I took mine to my local Toyota centre and was told that the cat had failed which would have cost me £1k. They went to order the part from nearest Lexus centre but were told that there would be something else wrong that caused the cat to fail so simply replacing the cat would probably be a false economy. Anyway it was taken to the Lexus dealer and they diagnosed that it was the EGR valve that failed which caused overheating and killed the cat. I was also looking at £2k but the dealer applied to Lexus GB for a contribution and they offered to pay for the repairs in full. I assume that this would have been done at a reduced price so fair play to the dealer for foregoing the extra profit if I was paying the retail price. I have a third party warranty so hopefully I would have been covered anyway. All other things being equal as a result Lexus will most probably be my first port of call when I'm ready to change. In addition I don't know if it was a result of the repairs or a software update but it is now a totally different car - much quieter, smoother especially at low revs and the scarey flat spot and sudden surge has disappeared, although the fuel economy has stayed the same.
  8. Looks like I have a similar issue. Took the car to my local Toyota Service Centre and they said the cat had failed and gave me two fault codes - P2002 and C1207. They went to order the part but after discussions with Lexus Cardiff they advised me to take it there as there be more involved than simply replacing the cat. The car should now be in Lexus Cardiff and I am waiting for their diagnosis. I have a warrany direct warranty but the cat is specifically excluded but if Lexus do provide a 6 year warranty on this I will hopefully be OK. I have had the 5th injector recall so I don't know if this will have any effect as in your case. I can't say I am impressed that such a fundamental component fails so soon (my mileage is approx 44k). What is your latest situation?
  9. Just noticed that one of the plastic pop up covers from the headlamp washers has disappeared. At first I thought it had been pinched but there is no damage or any marks on the bumper, and everything works OK except that the jet sprays in the wrong direction as the cover deflected the water back towards the headlamp. I was wondering if you can just buy the plastic part and it just clips on or whether you need whole new unit and have it fitted at a garage.
  10. Just had a 40,000 service on my 220d sport at a local Toyota service centre. Cost £220 including the brake fluid change. Also changed the 2 rear tyres 255/40/18 (Vredstein Ultrac Sessanta) for £242 which I thought was a cracking price until on inspection I saw they put on 225/40/18's in error. We will be "sorting something out" together on Monday when they correct their error.
  11. I was quoted £365 for the 40,000 mile service by Lexus Cardiff about a month ago, although I'm not due a service until Mid October.
  12. I'm starting to get the same noise, and it seems to be getting gradually louder. I don't know if it will lead to failure but am considering buying extended warranty just in case. I have read here that you are looking at about £1500 if the unit fails. Plus I would be covered for other items.
  13. At the end of the day its down to the individual. I chose the Sport mainly as you basically have the SE-L spec at the price of the SE with the exception of leather and a much more usable 6th gear which I read overcame the problems with the 6th gear on the other models. You get a firmer ride and 18" wheels and tyres are obviously a bit more expensive to replace.
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