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  1. Happy Birthday stian!

  2. I to have turbo kit for sale, new in the box, with cast manifold,the only part i dont have is the down pipe, but as the others have said you will need someone to fit and map it for you :D okey. I just need to check my money first how much do you want for your kit mate?
  3. no, I have not tried that. I just started checking yeasterday.
  4. do you know about a turbonetic turbo that will fit my car maybe
  5. okey. I was thinking of buying a kit from USA, but I can`t find any for is200. only for is300, so I was wondering if a kit for is300 will work on my car? because the price in Norway is so high.
  6. okey, do you know about a kit I should buy that fits a is200 00mod? and does the manifold for is300 fit on is200?
  7. okey, thank you. but the problem is that garages in norway dont know anything about lexus so I was hoping that there was a kit I could buy, but you dont think its a good idea to buy that kit?
  8. I dont understand what you mean, but did you find it? and is it a good turbokit?
  9. go in on and serch for JDM'S 01-05 LEXUS IS300 2JZGE T4 TO4 TURBO KIT 02 03 04
  10. go in on and serch for JDM'S 01-05 LEXUS IS300 2JZGE T4 TO4 TURBO KIT 02 03 04
  11. I found this turbo kit on ebay: Than I was wondering if its anny good and if it fits? and what do I have to do to make it work? I hope some one can help me
  12. stian

    my car

    not finished yet
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