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  1. chris_fletcher

    Petrol ?

    Sorry Rayaans I think you are wrong. The petrol has to meet the British standard. Normal unleaded should be the same wherever you buy it hence meeting BS EN228, ethanol content being the potential unknown factor. Higher ethanol % could be the cause of higher consumption
  2. chris_fletcher

    RX450h voice control

    As Dewillia said. Dont bother, the voice recognition is useless and if trying to handsfree call by the time it even tries to dial a number (usually the wrong one) you will have lost the will to live. Enjoy the car, I love mine, but forget the voice recognition
  3. chris_fletcher


    does the attached help PS.pdf
  4. chris_fletcher

    Petrol ?

    I dont understand the reluctance/avoidance of using supermarket petrol, unleaded is BS EN 228 wherever it comes from. I almost always use supermarkets and in 40 years driving have never had a problem or noticed any difference. I have read that most unleaded in the UK is E5 (5% ethanol) but I have never noticed this on the pumps but will check next time I fill up. Maybe I have had E5 and E0 but as I said can never tell any difference in the perfomance between different filling stations. I cant remember the last time I didnt use a supermarket
  5. Cost of parts that are dealer specific are hugely expensive. My recent under warranty claims (gen 4 RX) with cost based on dealer quoted prices for parts only Drivers door panel ~£2500, actually unecesary replacement that did not cure the vibrating rattle. I fixed myself with velcro tape between the quarter light/window metal slide chanel and top of door panel and redone by the dealer Passenger and drivers seat bases with motors £2500 each, replaced due to juddering and very noisy movement Drivers seat cushion £2000 replaced as colour bleeding out No way I am risking not buying an extended warranty when the time comes
  6. I think almost any repair will exceed the cost of a warranty but as another has already commented, any insurance is for peace of mind so imo not a waste of money if never used. Home and buildings insurance, normal car inurance etc are perfect cases in point. It costs me nearly as much to insure my mountain bike as it does my car
  7. chris_fletcher

    Tried an NX Today

    I had an IS300H Premier and took an NX for 24 hours. IMO the IS was a far better ride and quieter so the NX was not an "upgrade". Agree on rear room for 3 though and I think the NX will be better there. I opted for an RX which is streets ahead of the NX in every way. I have had NX courtesy cars 3 times whilst mine was in for warranty work on seats and a door ratle and always looked forward to getting back to the RX
  8. I find my FSport seats to be rather hard and not as comfortable as "standard" seats. The narrow side to side ridged cushion shape can be fairly noticeable and feels like solid ridge sometimes. Recently had the seat base cushion replaced under warranty due to colour coming out and the new seat is significantly more comfortable than the original. My old RX300 was far softer than CT, IS300h and new RX
  9. The tailgate on my gen 4 RX will only open, button on fob or dash, if the doors are opened first. Its really annoying so if approaching the car you cant just press tailgate open you have to unlock the car first. If using the hands free method it takes two passes if the car is locked My wifes CRV is much easier as tailgate will open if the car is locked
  10. chris_fletcher

    Sat Nav orientation

    And perhaps if I had read your original post properly I would have realised you actually knew what to do but just couldnt click it. doh!
  11. chris_fletcher

    Sat Nav orientation

    Have you tried clicking the compass icon. If I remember, doing that alternates the views
  12. chris_fletcher

    Brake fluid

    I was talking cobblers with DOT 5 which I think is very bad and should not be used in a system that has DOT 3, 4 or 5.1. Either DOT 4 or 5.1 should I think be used. I have had cars for 40 years and I am sure I was using DOT4 fluid even back then DOT 4 is higher boiling point than 3 and I belive can be mixed with 3 but I am sure someone on here will offer more accurate technical opinions
  13. chris_fletcher

    PDF manual

    link to it here you will need to burn it to disc or mount it using isobuster or similar software Enjoy
  14. chris_fletcher

    2018 courtesy car

    Was given a brand new 2018 NX ourtesy car whilst my RX was in for the seat replacing and for those interested the ride quality is definitely improved over the older version, not as jittery over small bumby surfaces. Engine not as eager to over rev and overall quieter I think but eco mode was more obviously numb than my IS300H Not sure which trim level it was but not base model. it had leathers seats and premium nav but no other toys. Larger screen but didnt like the nav too small to read street names (even with the larger screen) and the set up screens made my 65 plate RX look positively intuitive LOL That aside I think the improvements are noticeable and make the car nicer to be in.