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  1. 65 plate F-Sport averaging 35.1mpg over 2 years of ownership. Warm eather improves things and for the last 2 weeks went back to eco mode and got 37.8mpg vs previous 2 week averages of 34-36mpg in "normal"
  2. Have you considered an electric engine preheater. There may be a "proper" one available for the IS, there is for the RX available on ebay or just get a generic one that pubs into the cooling circuit DEFA make the Toyota/Lexus ones that fit in a socket on the back of the block
  3. Might set mine to that but it doesnt help when wanting to only open the boot remotely and have to unlock all doors first. Thats just annoying :-)
  4. On my RX450h Doors have to be unlocked bedfore tailgate will operate fromn the button on the dash. Same if using the fob, you have to unlock the car first. This is stupidly frustrating. My wifes Honda CRV tailgate opens from the fob or dash button when car is locked
  5. Search ebay for Lexus Cruise Control, lots avalable from ~£6.00. Fitting is easy and I am sure there are pictorial guides on the web. I was going to do my 2011 CT when purchased but traded in before I got round to it
  6. Well I have about a month max before the tyres are bodereline illegal so will almost certainly have to get the Duellers in a week or so
  7. Have checked the Bridgestone web site and they currenty dont even do the Weather Control A005 in 19" let alone 20" in 235/55 😞
  8. Last tank on my gen 4 RX was 36.6mpg calculated brim to brim, mostly eco as it lets go of the engine quicker and I am tight b*st*rd. if you can live eco and with less than 60mph on the motorway I suspect you would do better than 32mpg. I sometimes do that just to see what I can achieve, usually ~38-40 mpg, it soon drops back at 70mph and over though.Other times I am forced to crawl along through stop start traffic on the M62 which very quickly depletes the battery and kills the figure but I am still managing average of 35.5mpg over 13 months. The car computer is strangely accurate and it also indicated 36.6mpg for the same tank. I have never had that before, usually car is plus ~10%
  9. My RX450H wiped a usb stick twice but it has not happened again on the same stick for over 9 months now
  10. Thanks DanD will try them before I order from Blackcircles. Am going for the Bridgestone Dueller. Disappointed that the Crosssclimates are not available in 20". Have them on the wifes CRV and they have been excellent
  11. thanks for the vote for the Goodyears but cant seem to find them in 20"
  12. Thanks Rayaans. Did you say in a previous post that you bought mail order and had them fitted at Lexus Bradford? They have quoted the £25 a pair to fit. The Bridgestones are £344 delivered from Blackcircles and cant find them cheaper
  13. Hi, Looking for tyre recommendations for gen4 RX450H FSport. Wanted Michelin Latitude Tour but they are only available in H rating and currently Crossclimates not available in 20". Want something quiet with decent fuel rating. Currently have Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050 on but they are rather pricey and only E rated for fuel economy and seem quite difficult to find in 235/55 R20. Can get thses for £159 each delivered with £25 fitting for two Yokohama Advan Sport (V103) 235/55 R20 102V
  14. I had this dilema when I bought my 2015 RX FSport and ended up not buying the one with the pano roof as Lexus would not fit bars as not advised compatible. The Lexus bars are not ideally suited as is as the locating holes on the inside of the rails are missing on the car with pano roof. As Rayaans rightly says the real issue is opening the roof when the bars are fitted is a big no no. I believe Thule do bars that will fit with no need for the locating holes and it is actually possible to remove the pins from the Lexus bars, which I have but have not fitted yet in over a year. If you need bike carriers the Whispbar ones are very good
  15. Sorry Rayaans, Ihave to disagree on noise of engine in the F Sport. The sound generator is intrusive under acceleration compared to the Premier I first test drove. I want to remove the generator and replace with the part from a standar RX but its too far back in the engine bay to do myself so have to live with the annoying noise as not sure Lexus would do it anyway plus not paying thier labour costs to do it. Got the F Sport for the red seats and black roof liner and more agressive styling touches. Apart from the noisier engine I love the car