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  1. Sorry Rayaans, Ihave to disagree on noise of engine in the F Sport. The sound generator is intrusive under acceleration compared to the Premier I first test drove. I want to remove the generator and replace with the part from a standar RX but its too far back in the engine bay to do myself so have to live with the annoying noise as not sure Lexus would do it anyway plus not paying thier labour costs to do it. Got the F Sport for the red seats and black roof liner and more agressive styling touches. Apart from the noisier engine I love the car
  2. chris_fletcher

    Lexus in Canada

    Just returned from Toronto and was surprised at the number of different Lexus cars on the road. I reckon I saw more driving round Toronto centre in one hour than I typically see in a month in the UK
  3. chris_fletcher

    Tyre inflate for CT 200h CVT Advanced 1.8

    Why would you even ask the question "what is the tyre pressure of the vehicle" when the figures are provided by the manufacturer and attached in an easy to read location? Over inflation by a small amount as mentioned by others can have a beneficial effect on economy but still the values on the door pillar should be the standard starting value
  4. chris_fletcher

    How to drive a hybrid

    I agree with Wharfhouse. Eco mode is definitely the most economical and is much less responsive but if you drive it in eco all the time you stop noticing it until you switch mode. IMO the reaason eco is better on fuel consumption is Normal and Sport modes hold on to the engine longer so car doesnt drop into EV mode as readily. I switch modes depending on what I want to achieve or how I feel but generally default to eco for commuting in stop start traffic. My experience has been the same with two CT200H`s an IS300H and now the RC450H. Sport certainly makes me smile though as it makes the car quite brisk from a standing start
  5. chris_fletcher

    My Lexus Portal

    downloaded the app after the advice and its quite nice, annoying they cant sort the website out though and not have some holding message
  6. Seems the vehicle service and warranty repair history has been taken away, as reported by others, and not restored. Anyone else now wondering what use this is?
  7. chris_fletcher

    Water ingress in boot (IS 300H)

    Rayyans, whats wrong with your drivers seat? had my cushion and complete base unit with motors replaced on mine (RX450). Will also be booking in at Bradford for the airbag recall and whats the known problem with door seals
  8. Rev counter comes on in Sport mode and can be configured on for Eco and Normal. My IS300H was the same
  9. My gen4 RX rolling average since last July is 35.3mpg and the computer is strangely accurate and mirrors the calculated brim to brim consumption. Last tank as the weather warmed up was 36.3mpg and current tank after ~120 miles is on 37mpg. I expect the rolling average to reach around 38-39mpg by end of September and then start to drop as the weather cools. Re EV mode. It will run purely battery to 46mph and then the engine starts. At above 46mph when coasting downhill it will show the blue charge arrow only as if the engine is not working but the rev counter settles at around 1000rpm, So IMO the car will not run purely on battery at motorway speeds
  10. chris_fletcher

    29" Wiper Blade?

    It works fine for me in all browsers on Mac, PC and an Android device. What is the problem you see?
  11. chris_fletcher

    Petrol ?

    Sorry Rayaans I think you are wrong. The petrol has to meet the British standard. Normal unleaded should be the same wherever you buy it hence meeting BS EN228, ethanol content being the potential unknown factor. Higher ethanol % could be the cause of higher consumption
  12. chris_fletcher

    RX450h voice control

    As Dewillia said. Dont bother, the voice recognition is useless and if trying to handsfree call by the time it even tries to dial a number (usually the wrong one) you will have lost the will to live. Enjoy the car, I love mine, but forget the voice recognition
  13. chris_fletcher


    does the attached help PS.pdf
  14. chris_fletcher

    Petrol ?

    I dont understand the reluctance/avoidance of using supermarket petrol, unleaded is BS EN 228 wherever it comes from. I almost always use supermarkets and in 40 years driving have never had a problem or noticed any difference. I have read that most unleaded in the UK is E5 (5% ethanol) but I have never noticed this on the pumps but will check next time I fill up. Maybe I have had E5 and E0 but as I said can never tell any difference in the perfomance between different filling stations. I cant remember the last time I didnt use a supermarket
  15. Cost of parts that are dealer specific are hugely expensive. My recent under warranty claims (gen 4 RX) with cost based on dealer quoted prices for parts only Drivers door panel ~£2500, actually unecesary replacement that did not cure the vibrating rattle. I fixed myself with velcro tape between the quarter light/window metal slide chanel and top of door panel and redone by the dealer Passenger and drivers seat bases with motors £2500 each, replaced due to juddering and very noisy movement Drivers seat cushion £2000 replaced as colour bleeding out No way I am risking not buying an extended warranty when the time comes