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  1. Does he? Since when? You'll still need new internals etc unless you keep the boost right down. He has told another member on here 7.5k, is the other 2k+ over what you paid just labour Yeah i found that out yester after i posed the Q. Havent spoke to him to ask why. But the extra money is for extra labour, machining etc, that he didnt envisage before doing my swap. Stav sound for all the advice lads!
  2. would anyone know anything about this turbo? like if its good or bad?
  3. wouldnt be able to do anything myself... engine swap for the few bob extra isnt bad
  4. Hey, I know this is a common topic but im looking to get more power out of my is200. I dont know what route to take and am looking to spend about 5k or so... Is an engine swap a possiblity? and what engine? 1jz or 20 jz? Supercharge maybe? And what make / or what website can i get it on? Turbo? would the engine handle it? cheers for any help!! Eric.
  5. Cheers, I was told its a sport and has the active speakers so i will get the lead. same as the one on ebay and see if it works.
  6. Hey All, I went to get a new head unit for my car. is200 sports and nobody would touch it as seemingly has an active system in it. They explained it saying every speaker has an amp. I then found a converter online, im just wondering if anyone has come accross this or got a converter. here is what i was looking at ; EricB
  7. Hey, I have just got my lexus, 2000 is200 and it sounds like the breaks are squeaking when your driving. when you put your foot on the brakes it stops squeaking. any ideas?
  8. thats my plan anyways. going to look at new subs amp and head unit on saturday. is it easy to get a plastic cover for it?
  9. So it would be alot easier to buy a whole new system instead of messing them up. If i was to just take a wire from the rear speakers would i loose the sound off them.?
  10. Hey All, Im just wondering if anyone knows if you can put an amp and subs into a IS200 with the standard stereo and speakers? I went to the local car shop and they said i have to find out if the car has rca outputs? Im new to this and dont have a clue. any help is appreciated. Regards, EricB
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