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  1. your money would be better spent on a chocolate fire gaurd am afraid my friend saw thread on a different site and this is apparently rubbish and a sure way to waste money and to get dissapointed to mate lol i would advise no not sure on other peoples opinions lol
  2. when around in my lexus i always acknowledge other lexus drivers polite wive and occasional nod lol but around my area of doncaster most lexus drivers are considerable older than me and tend to just shrug it off as if i was just someone being perhaps silly anyway i guess no matter what car/bike you drive/ride you always tend to give other some admiration
  3. hi there nice to welcome more members to the club, sure you will get over the few teething problems lol,
  4. hi andwelcme to LOC looking forward to some pics mate B)
  5. the dials do still work but do not get brighter or duller ther is an after market head unit in there so maybe that has something to do with it lol thanks guys ill wait to see if anyone else can help
  6. there is a dial on the left hand side of the steering wheel with a pic of a light bulb, now i am just guessing but i guess this is ment to make the speedo and other instruments brighter and duller? is this the case as mine seems not to wrork if so is there an easy and simple reason (such as a fuse somewhere) thanks guys and girls for all help :D
  7. 1. pug 106 (2001) 2. vauxhall corsa c (2004) 3. ford escort 1.6 ghia (1998) 4. ford focus (2001) 5. vw golf tdi 130bhp (2003) 6. LEXUS IS200 (2001) 5 cars and only been driving 3 years but i still guess its not that bad lol B)
  8. that is a good price then extra £10 for main dealer prices lol no what garage you mean have to keep that in mind if need any work doing soon lol B) :D
  9. thats lexus sheff where did you get yours done and at what price if you dont mind me asking lol
  10. cracking price for a main dealer thats what i thought so had to double check lol bit upset as they would not give me the ISF as a courtesy car for a few hours lol
  11. thanks guys yes just wanted to make sure i was getting the right things done lol yes the £250 includes parts and labour and say should take a couple of hours so i thought it was quite a good deal again thanks for help B)
  12. just rang my local lexus dealer and they have quoted me £250 for the timing belt and tensior to be done, now my question is.. is the timing belt the same thing as the cam belt? because ive heard that the cam belt needs doing and i am now in proccess of getting that done just wanted to no if it was just another name or a different thing and more money needed spending lol thanks for any help !! :)
  13. welcome to loc nice to have new members and nice car :D
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