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  1. Hi ! Thanks for all the help! I gave up . My knees are frozen. I'll give the bulb to the Lexus service guy when I'll take my car there. My service is due in about 2 weeks anyway. Instead to freeze to death I'll have cup of tea now. Cheers, Regards
  2. I was thinking about the same. I'll try that tomorrow. The manual came with my car when I bought it. It is the picture from the car's manual scanned and posted... :-)
  3. Hi all! Today I tried to change the bulb in the front passenger fog light. I followed the manual and removed the 2 screws. The whole light should come out , but this one is just loose a bit and moving inside . Don't want to slide out. My question is there anything else should be removed? How do I take it out without braking it? I enclose the instruction as well.Thanks! Regards!
  4. Takes about 3 hours to get to Key West (about 120miles). Lots of single lane roads. If you don't hit the traffic is fine, speeding is not recommended, cops are hiding on slip roads ect... The view is fantastic from the bridges.
  5. Hi! I lived in the USA 6 for years. On my first Florida holiday I stayed in the Howard Johnson Plaza Dezerland Beach & Spa Hotel, Miami Beach. It was very nice . Some pic: If you looking for a nice beach holiday in South Florida, Miami South Beach is a good choice. If you after family friendly places then Fort Lauderdale or Pompano Beach can be better option.(about 25 miles North from Miami) Cheaper, not that busy, no scary places (like the city in Miami sometimes), lots of apartment style options. Personally if I would go back for a holiday I would get a car at the airport , travel around: Key West is very cool, Bahia Honda Island is absolutely nice , a boat tour in the Miami bay area is good ( lot of famous peoples houses) Miami Seaquarium, Everglades National Park ect...(hope this will help) Regards B)
  6. The "L" Lexus version has been discontinued, has been for some time now. Hi ! Is (was) there any difference between the "L" Lexus version and what i got? Thanks ! Akos
  7. yes they made in japan , no rim protector but I like them like this
  8. Hi ! I got the Dunlop SP Sport 9000 (215/45R17) £104/each fitting, balancing, valve included from Blackboots (WIM & Blackboots same place) The best tyre fitting machine what I ever seen. I recommend for anyone to do the WIM and get the new tyres . (I hope it is not against the rules to post the place and the price.) Regards
  9. Thank You for the excellent service! I immediately noticed the improvement on driving. The car handles much better in the corners and runs much smoother on the straight as well. Having 4 brand new Dunlop on the wheels and geometry set up together is really made a big difference! Very clean and smart workshop . Helpful , friendly staff! Thank You again ! Best regards! Akos (I found the sticker)
  10. Hi everyone! I'm going to visit the WIM for a geometry set up and the Blackboots for 4 new tyre tomorrow 18/07/2009. Anyone is gonna be around? I hope I can get some stickers .... Almost forgot I just washed my car and all wheels today including the spare one as well while it was raining ... I had to dig out my alloys from the inch thick brake dust. Probably I gave my neighbors something to talk about... :winky: :shutit:
  11. Good news !!! I've been contacted by the seller today!!! He dropped me an email with a phone number so tomorrow I'll give him a call. BUT my car has a discs change tomorrow afternoon at Toyota. I'll keep You guys updated . Regards Akos
  12. It is 2001 Nov. I'll phone them first thing on Monday morning.
  13. The warranty not covering the things like wipers , tyre , wear and tear things . So, I'll load the stereo with 6 factory discs and see what's gonna happen. Cheers
  14. Hi All! Yesterday evening my factory stereo showed the error message for me for the first time. There are 6 CDs in it. Some of them are home made some are original. For about 10-15 minutes the stereo decided not to play any of them. I was swapping the discs from 1-6 a few times and became OK after that. OK. My question is: what should I do with it ? I still have 2 weeks Lexus Approved Used Warranty on the car. Do You think Lexus will replace it if looks OK on the time when they will check it????? I rely like the stereo uniform look so I don't want to replace it with any different ones. Regards Akos
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