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  1. Does anyone know where to get the 2 button key FOB's for an Altezza. I have tried everywhere.
  2. No, the Altezza doesn't have a security light. The only other difference is on the left dial, it only has the battery light to the left, no rear light indicator.
  3. Is there a rising sun version without the sercurity light available for an altezza?
  4. I would love a set of these. They make the car look so much more classy.
  5. Once you undo the two torx screws the airbag comes out as one unit. You can't really drive around without the airbag screwed in as it keeps falling out when you turn the wheel (i know I've tried) . It is unlikely there is a rattle happening under the airbag but you could have a look.
  6. The chrome rings give the centre console a much more modern look. Where do you get them from?
  7. I would also be interested in other peoples experiences with these. My hand brake boot is looking a bit messy. Are they easy to install?
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