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  1. Happy Birthday shanem!

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  3. Hey lad this is what we've been doing on our Tezzas to fix the gargling noise, it fixed mine... (quoted from If it happens its air stuck in the water system. You will need to burp the system to ensure the air bubble doesnt get stuck somewhere and cook your engine! Steps: Park your car somewhere flat Undo the radiator cap (when car is cold) Start engine Turn the heater on to full heat (HOT) and fans to MAX Let the car idle till the water temp has warmed up Top up any coolant that goes down in the radiator from the bubbles that pop up. Then just refit the radiator cap. Heaters work with the coolant so turning the heaters on will just ensure the whole water system is flowing, and warming the car up just ensures the thermostat opens so that again, the whole water system is flowing, the bubbles of trapped air in the system will come out at the radiator as its the highest point of the cooling system. I had to leave mine running with the rad cap off for about 25 mins, but sorted out the air lock ;) Also i recently got 4 new tyres fitted to my Tezza (Uniroyal Rainsport 2) by far the best grip i've ever had from a tyre in dry and wet :) Hope this helps
  4. Get one off ebay mate like was mentioned, you'll save a good few quid ! I got one off ebay a few months back, exedy full clutch kit £152.95 + £22 p&p .... bargain ! It will work out at approx €190 to your door :) Heres the item number 310125686727, great seller :)
  5. I know what your saying, most of us like to take pride in the way the car looks and it creases me up inside when i see new scratches or dings :tsktsk: Heres a few of my woes :( I was once parked in Tescos car park and a woman who was parked behind me (back to back) was trying to swing a bag full of tinned food into her car boot, but ended up clattering the bag straight into my boot and put 2 small creases right in the centre grrrrrrrr ! My car also seems to attract cats and ive often caught them up on the bonnet or the roof licking of the water when its been raining... I can just about handle the paw prints, but the little beggers some times slip and use their claws as brakes, so ive ended up with quite a few hair line scratches that have took me ages sorting out ! I also get a lot of inconsiderate gits parked next to me in car parks that just open their door straight onto mine, damn door dingers make me livid ! The worst one for me though was, driving to work one morning and coming the other way was a dumper truck with a load of rubble on the back.. I saw what i first thought was something floating in the wind, but it was a big rock that had fallen of the back and was bouncing straight towards me, it clattered into the side of my car putting a dent in the back wheel arch and cracking the back bumper :tsktsk:
  6. I started reading this thread researching angel eyes and ended up reading through everything B) Absolutely amazing mate ! B)
  7. Great :) Thanks for the info guys :)
  8. alright mate,just bought a 03 altezza and was wondering if ya knew any good sites for cheap body extensions,lips and kits.Or even ur own one ya have,pics of ur kit and car look class The only site i know with kits and mods and theres lots of them although not exactly cheap... I dont think body kits and cheap go together unfortuantely, my Tezza came with the kit which is one of the reasons i chose it :)... Now the weather is pretty bad most of the time, so it's difficult to keep her clean and starts to become a real chore, especially when it only lasts a day or so :( It took some real effort with the clay bar, but definitely worth it as you can see the results... Once it took me over 3 hours claying, polishing and waxing and its a killer on the back lol :) Cheers for the comments everyone ;)
  9. My Tezza is due a service and i'm thinking of doing it myself :) Ive already changed plugs to Denso Iridium, but want to try the rest... Just a few questions : These are the parts i think i need, please tell me if i'm missing some that can be changed by an amateur and any useful info you have please ? :) Oil filter - any point in getting a sports filter? or just a standard Toyota filter ? Air filter - Ive tried to find an Apexi panel filter, but i can't find anyone who sells them any ideas ? Oil - Castrol Magnatec 10w-40 semi synth - how many litres ? Has anyone done the service and would like to give me a walkthrough ;) Appreciate the help and advice Cheers :)
  10. Have you had a drive in an Altezza? When i first had a test drive i was quite dissapointed with the power and i tried about 5 different ones before i bought it... Knowing that it was 210bhp i was expecting to be blown away, but for me the lack of bottom end power spoils it a little, although on the flip side it can be quite fun when those valves open up, it's like night and day the difference :) I love the looks though, definitely a head turner :) I'm used to driving fairly quick cars though, so that's probably why i wasnt too impressed... I definitely agree that you always want more, oh i'd love a Bugatti Veyron Good luck mate
  11. Hi, Yes the airflow changes to whatever setting i choose although when it reaches its position it does stop, but sounds as though its stuck on a loop when it stops... like the motor is still rotating on its stopped position, if that makes sense.. It only stops completely if its up towards the windscreen setting Cheers
  12. shanem


    Ok, so if i buy this clutch and say a Toda light weight flywheel im good to go? i dont need anything else to complete the job? Cheers mate :)
  13. shanem


    Ive found this clutch, do you think it will be a good buy? and more importantly will it fit my rs200? I think yes from the info i find on here, but would just like to make sure :) Cheers
  14. Thanks for the input guys and gals :) The thing was, when i first parked up there was about 5 spaces either side of my parking space, but when i came out of the cinema the car next to mine was full of scum bag lads with hoodies and baseball caps scoffing Macdonalds, they were in a 92 corrolla which was a heap... Maybe they even did it on purpose who knows (major stereo types i know, but they looked like trouble )... When i got home i also noticed 2 hand prints around my rear spoiler like it had been grabbed grrrrrr and this was at 4pm :tsktsk: I suppose things could be worse .. I didnt know there was such a thing as mobile dent removers, great stuff i'll look into it... Hopefully i can find one here in Ireland? Thanks much appreciated :)
  15. Hey, So i went to the pics at the weekend and after i came back to my car i noticed that the car at one side of me was rather close, so checked my door as i always do (paranoia) and i could just see where they'd opened the door on my pride and joy :tsktsk: I checked it in the day light the morning after and can just see a slight crease :tsktsk: and its the first one on the car which is a 99 :( Its only small and is barely noticeable, but i suppose many of you will be the same, when you know its there it bothers you :tsktsk: Apart from not taking the car at all, does anyone have any tips to stop the doors getting bashed in car parks? (some people just dont give two :tsktsk: .... Also any chance that the small creases can be fixed D.I.Y ? Cheers for the support
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