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  1. Haha, you got yourself a nice gear knob for sure..didn’t realise it was someone on the forum. sold the alloys, steering wheel, sound creator pipe, etc...still have the custom f sport carpet mats that need going on EBay.
  2. Omg just seen the above thread after so long.. it was myself who bought the car of Robb back in 2017. It was involved in a full front extensive damage after going 40mph into a van who pulled out in front of me and I have no chance to swerve past it..absolutely the saddest days of my driving life.. the car was untouched or modified from the day I bought it off Robb, always kept pristine clean and driven with absolute pleasure. infact, it took me months and months to get over what had happened, and pulling the bits of the car as it was declared a write off was liking burying a loved one. Most will know the work put in by Rob and how it become one of the finest IS250 F-sport in the country. There won’t be any pictures shown of the damage as I still can’t bare to see her like that..only 2 plus points of the whole nightmare was, I got paid out nearly 98% what I paid for the car and secondly my 7 month pregnant wife wasn’t in the car at the time. I am glad to see it back on the road again, if she is, it’s a shame I only got to experience this one off art machine for only under 2 years, but she went hands down as the best car I ever had and wanted.
  3. part ordered today from Lexus Leicester at £68. Thanks guys for the diagram and help gave me an idea I'm not being ripped off! but then when I asked how much for labour as I don't trust myself with removing the glass from the wing mirror he said £89+VAT!! Seriously it's a 10 min job!!!
  4. Haha no worries..I can live with £70-£80. BMW driver didn't stop and I didn't think much to it as his mirror went flying and mine didn't even move, only to get home and take a look and see the glass broken! Upwards and onwards...thanks all for you're input, especially @steve2006 for the diagram. cheers
  5. The actually wing mirror is fine and so is the glass and is moving fine with the controls. definetly doesn't need a complete replacement. Just need to open it all up and see what parts are detachable insides from the lens itself. The bulb is fine just the outer glass. Unfortunely I don't think I will find many ultra sonic blue is2** in scrap!
  6. I looked at the above eBay auction and lens looks different to mine as it's flat and on mine it curved or am I just drunk?!?
  7. When you say the whole light is that the housing too? As I just need the glass part of the indictor thank you for the diagram much appre
  8. Guys.. my wing mirror took a small bashing from an inconsiderate BMW driver who refused to keep to his side of the road and smashed the lens parts of my wing mirror indictor light.. the bulb/led is not damaged but the glass is in pieces. My question, is the lens part available from Lexus before I ask them tomorrow? And looking on eBay did the wing mirror lens/indictor in particular change in design of style as looking at a 2009 model compared to my 2010 it looks slightly different? Is everything detachable from the lens to bulb or maybe a whole unit? thank you
  9. Thanks Robb... I've left a deposit today and I'm over the moon! The advert just popped up and I made the most impulsive decision in years today! Like I said to Robb, I only had a kidney transplant few weeks ago and life has already shown me to live for your dreams and desires. thanks again and long live Lexus!
  10. Ok I want will you take payment!!
  11. Hi guys.. for a quite a while now, on and off, I've put having a loud creaking sound from the front driver side brakes. At low and high speeds, smooth and bumpy roads and also when brake pedal is only slightly touched I get a loud creaking sound until at a stop. Been to Lexus Leic who after having car for 3 hours only greased caliper pins and a general check on other components who come to the conclusion it's more than likely top mount? I have changed pads few months ago and discs last year. Caliper pins have been checked 4 times in 6 months and greased. Lexus want over £300 for top mount part and labour and have said they will work with me IF they have mis diagonised the problem. Is there any suitable independent garages in the midlands anyone can recommend as personally believe lexus leic don't have the slightlest clue!
  12. Someone pass the tissue box! Wow! Absolutely amazing
  13. Thanks...appreciate your comments... my pictures don't reflect a true image as looking back at them, it does look as if the rear wheel looks lost - maybe due to camera angle. Suprisingly the rear roof spoiler and antenna go pretty well imo and maybe again the pictures makes it look overcrowded! I hope I haven't overdone it to make it look different from the norm!! Yes shes 12 years old and no one believes it!
  14. Thanks wheels with glitter effect..sounds queer but it doesn't look it!!
  15. Thank you very much i don't even know where I would start with evaluations..sitting on a 55 plate with 85k mileage..!!
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