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  1. Have a go in a BMW 330d and then make your mind up on diesels. I swapped my IS220d after 6months, as just couldn't get away with poor performance, gearbox etc and changed to a 520d manual which beats the Lexus by 15mpg (52mpg easy) is smoother, more powerful and better handling. I did however have a couple of IS250 auto loan cars in the 6 months due to ongoing engine faults and realised I bought the wrong car, nearly as many mpg and so much nicer to drive.
  2. The 220D was Lexus' first venture into the salesman's car market & I think it is telling that it has not been followed by any other diesels and it doesn't look like there are any in the pipeline. Whilst it is my view that the 220D is the only nasty Lexus with an engine whose characteristics do not match the gearbox etc. very well; this is from the viewpoint of their superb petrol cars - and particular their automatic transmissions. The downside of the reputation of the 220D is much because its users spend huge amounts of time driving them, and thus notice every fault & foible - many of which are generic to diesels. What I think is clear though is that the 250 auto MM is the Lexus 2 series car of choice unless you really need the extra economy of the diesel and are prepared to sacrifice everything else in its favour. Other manufacturers have concentrated much more on diesels and unsuprisingly have produced better ones - but I would caution that this only means that they are slightly less unpleasant to drive. I believe the diesel is an evolutionary dead end in cars, and a good idea is to stick to petrol until newer emerging technologies mature.
  3. ISwannabe, I have just sold my IS220d today after a very short ownership, just couldn't get away with it, I like yourself really like (still do) the looks and styling Have had lots of diesel cars and the IS220d is the strangest gearbox/engine combination of them all, 1st and 6th gear take a lot of getting used to, I certainly wouldn't put you off but would say that you take a very long test drive with the 48hr drive probably your best bet (make full use of it) I had all the niggles, rattles, poor mpg, poor performance etc, but all where sorted by excellent dealership care, but the car which was an 07 07 never felt punchy as the german TDi/CDi's or even the Ford/Jaguar TDCi's do and as such I think you will be disappointed jumping out of the Jaguar 2.2d into the IS220d, I had the Mondeo 130 TDCi and that felt a lot quicker than the IS and used to give 44-46mpg. Whilst my car was in for repairs I had a 250 auto twice and IS220d once, when I had the 250 auto first time around I realised I had made a mistake and also how good a Lexus could/should be. Give the IS220d a go as it may suit but also try the 250 auto as well
  4. Nup, had a loan one 58reg for a week and that was exactly the same. The 325d (197bhp version) manual was very fast, punchy, with bag of torque from as little as 1100 rpm, in fact it was difficult not to have the traction light flashing all the time. The iS just is non of them....and thirsty, where the 325d with bags of speed even when driven hard around town would do 43mpg the lexus when driven gently gets tops 40mpg on a long run.
  5. Not been that lucky :D I have driven both in the past and I have to say I hate Vectra's When I say punchy I mean sluggish, the wifes previous car a 325d with only 20bhp more and the same torque was in a totally different class, the performance was like chalk and cheese in comparison. Just dont know whether it is a gearing issue, turbo size/lag or setup on the power/torque delivery which is the issue with the IS. Having had a 115bhp bora, 130bhp mondeo and 150bhp Saab the 177bhp IS feels the most sluggish of them all
  6. IS250 auto is nice but not nice enough, not particularly punchy, but the refinement is spot on, just needs to be that bit sharper to drive Gone for a BMW X5 3.0d msport auto, same tax band as Lexus IS250, not much more in terms of price (nearly new against new) but a whole lot more of a vehicle, got 33mpg on the extended test drive as well across various roads. Friend has one and he averages about the same and swears by it. Anyway tried the Lexus experience, not totally disappointed as I was with the Merc but then again not as satisfied as driving a BM
  7. Well after only a brief ownership of the IS220d I have decided to sell. Nothing really wrong other than a bit of disapointment with performance, economy and the 1st and 6th gear. Overall I still like the looks and think the quality is fine but the drive is just not what I expected...certainly wouldnt put anyone off one but would advise that they have a long test drive first, also realised when I drove the IS250 auto the mistake I had made and how good a Lexus could be. Anyway returning back to a BMW (sorry to swear on here) but find them more enjoyable to drive. P.S. still think the Lexus is better than the Merc
  8. We recently change our 325d M sport for a 2.0Tfsi TT in white. Now the 325d seemed the right spec to me, met black, 18" MV 3's and M sport pack, we paid £24K for it 1 year old with 1800 miles on, that was £8K less than new and thought we got a good deal, 8 month later the trade would only give between £16-17.5K. My dad has also just traded his 07 07 318 4dr SE, 8K miles, never goes out in the wet etc mint car for a 520d SE and had to put £13K to change in, this meant he only got £10.5K for a car that cost him £22K 18 months ago. So this nothing to do with Lexus!! or the 220d and there is no way I would pay £28K for a 125 coupe, not when you consider the hit you will take as I think the 1 coupe is a love or hate car and if it is not the right engine i.e 2.0d or 2.0d 2xturbo or 3.0 petrol 2xturbo it will fall the fate of my 325d.....if only it was a leather.....had nav...was a 2dr etc etc I appreciate the the 125 coupe may seem attractive but consider it closely, even push to go for the 135 or the 123d if you really must have one
  9. When I got mine I was getting 40-45mpg. This dropped all of a sudden, so when it was in for a rattle to the dash I mentioned it as it dropped to 32mpg in a week, they changed the EGR valve which returned it back to 40-41mpg but the performance was terrible, I called the garage and booked back in, they said they would keep the car as long as necessary until they where happy as there where a number of known problems? I got the car back a week later and it is smoother, faster and now getting an average 41.9mpg, all I was told was that it was the secondary EGR?? no such thing I think, others may know, but I think they cleaned/replaced the manifold and injectors. While mine was in I had a 58reg IS220d and that felt the same as mine now and returned the same 40-41mpg. I have always drove steady but now when warm I push the rev's around to near the red in second once a day to blow it through having read some other sites on EGR issues.
  10. No surprise Each time I go in to the dealerships near me they are both dead, maybe one person in, where as the local Audi dealers is heaving, popped in two weeks ago for a touch up for the wifes TT and there must have been 20 couples in. All in the products and brand image I would say
  11. Going to have to take the 400h for the 2 days by the sounds of it. Do people think £23995 for an 07 07 400h SR with 4K on is about right considering an 06 06 3.0d X5 sport with 20K, all the toys can be had for £17500
  12. Im guessing this was a Lex garage? and under warrenty? and without wishing to state the obvious this was done internally, yes? And how long did this job take? cheers tash Yes at Lexus Newcastle, took couple of hours and they had the radio unit out to do it
  13. Just had mine in for the same, garage did a dash mod?? anyway now all sorted They also put sponge between the face grilles and the radio/heater control and that has also cured the crack from there. Simple but effective
  14. Booked mine it at Minories Toyota Durham, 20K service for £180 (cancelled the Honda booking) Oil and filter, pollen filter, diff oil, brake fluid and general checks all as per schedule, dont think thats bad. The Lexus dealers couldn't much so will be going to Minoroes from now on
  15. Merv, thank you Will give that a go...but the question is, if the 20K service includes the diff oil change and pollen filter adding more, so service should be about £200, how can they then justify coming down by £160-250??? and if they do how can I get my head around them trying to rip me off with the first quote
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