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  1. Yeap I was dreaming when I was writting my post (STAGE 2 ? hummm maybe later I'm getting married) Tkank for the correction fluff and morse
  2. The dyno on the site is the one from my car. And yes I had a bigger Intercooler mounted.
  3. Hello, oups forgot to post the link here it is : Stage 1 Details Gretz
  4. Hello, here is the dyno of my IS, modified by Kempower in Belgium. I didn't found many IS200 Dyno's so Please comment this one. Gretz. SparkyWar
  5. Hello, I need your help I need to reduce the noise of my HKS Silent Hi-Power to pass the technical inspection here in Switzerland where the max dB(A) is 74 . As someone tried this part found on HKS USA website ? Inner Muffler Silencer P/N: 3306-RA076 Thank you. SParkyWar
  6. Ohhhh I will need to drill on the Tail tip I was thing of a part that can be installed just at the junction of the back-box and the cat, to reduce the diameter. Just like this one : Apex'i ECV Thank you.
  7. Hi, the point is Bemani compressor mounted and certified -> Ok. HKS Silent Hi-Power mounted but I will need to pass a noise level test, so i'm looking for a way to be sure that I will pass that test else I will need to reinstall my stock exhaust and re-pass the test and as you could expect it's not free, they ask 300 Swiss franc per test. So if there is a way to reduce the noise level just for the test that's what I'm looking for !
  8. Hi, fluff anyway I need to pass the noise with or without papers because I have the compressor Installed. The specialist here says since the car is modificated I need to pass that test. Wait and see !
  9. Hi, DAZA -> I must have the same noise level that stock exhaust at 1dB near Fluff -> It's for certification I have no papers with my HKS Silent Hi-Power jdmparts_guru -> I don't think so ! Where can I have one and how much ? Thank you for all your answers.
  10. Hello, can someone help me reducing the noise level of a HKS Silent Hi-Power so I can pass a noise test that is mandatory here in Switzerland. Any ideas ? Thank you.
  11. Hi mat There is someone else that can do the job and he is closer to your location I think. this is website : Kempower He just finished installing he's new 4WD Dyno. I had some e-mails with kempower and they are really cool. Greetings.
  12. Hello, some update .... Dark_is was right i was the Belt slipping B) Thank you all for your input . Case closed .
  13. Hi, Bemani does the 205bhp directly now, and it's street legal for switerland. The fact is that in Switzerland you can improve by 20% the horse power without having to passe a all bunch of tests. Now that Bemani has got one of is modified cars to have all the tests done the standard horse power is 205bhp. Fluff, if you want to contact Bemani i should have an e-mail addresse somewhere just PM me to have it . Friday i will have the 45'000Km Service done ... so they will check the compressor belt ... modifing the cable setting didn't change anything. Thank you.
  14. ok, so i have check my spring i have the old one but the thing is i have a Bemani Kompressor not TTE so i can not request TTE to send me the new spring ... I will check with Bemani to see if they have the new spring kit. Thank you for all your help.