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  2. When I bought my car a few years back the guy said that I just needed to get the key fob coded to the car. I thought I would get around to it but never did. Now as its winter and im getting piffed off with de-icing my lock all the time I think its about time getting the fob sorted out. Only problem is, I dont think the key has the circuit board in it - well original. I phoned the guy who had the car before me and he said he lost the master key and had to get some keys cut so i am sure it hasnt got the original circuit for the ECU. Can I buy a black master key, get it cut to my car and get a new circuit board mapped to my ECU - or is it not as easy as that?
  3. This is really wierd because when we tested it, it said Cylinder one and Two. When I took the sensor off the cylinders every single one of them made the revs die down further except cylinder one! So it presented an error in one and two yet it seems one is the only one with the problem I took the risk and bought one coil pack and the car seems absolutely fine touch wood. How do I get the engine management light off now with out doing it through the testing kit.
  4. Yeah, I'm going to take it to my mates garage and test it that way. If its flagged up one and two, i'll just put them in say 3 and 4 and see if its then 3 and 4 that gets the misfire error. I found a guy selling two coil packs for £25 on ebay - but cant get hold of him. Cheapest I have found new was £90 each - Jap parts came back to me with a price of £150 for two used and tested ones. I dont want to be buying new coil packs to find out its only the spark plugs. How far down are the spark plugs lol, cant find a tool deep enough to grip them ha ha. The only problem I have ever had with the car was when the Rear Diff went last year. But other than that its been really good. Is it not advisable to drive when its in this kind of condition?
  5. Right had the testing kit on it and got these errors: PO300 Multiple PO 301 - Cylinder 1 PO 302 - Cylinder 2 must be the Coil Packs for Cylinder 1 and 2? Why is the TRC OFF light flashing as well?
  6. Just out of interest how much did you end up paying - Did you get a similar fault?
  7. Heres to hoping its just the sparks then lol - cant be arsed spending roughly £80-£90 per coil pack, seriously dont have the cash!
  8. You reckon it could just be something as simple as one of the spark plugs that need changing
  9. I hope it is nothing too serious - going to get the code when they come out - just found a post with all the DTC codes so hopefully will be able to trace it pretty sharpish
  10. Hi, I drove my car on the motorway and didnt even go over 70mph. Remember thinking how nice the car felt. Started it up at the office and the revs began to splutter and the car is juddering. Its very hard to get up the revs and the Engine Management light has now come on. When i drove it the TRC OFF light bagan to flash also. There is no smoke coming out of the exhaust or smoke out of the engine, no leaks and not over heating. last week i had someone from the AA look at my car as when i was starting it up, when the revs died back down there was a slight knocking sound. The mate of a mate who works for the AA connected to the car and said there was no faults what so ever and couldnt do anything without the engine management flagging an error up. That was last week and now it seems a bit strange that its happened now. The car is 1999 V Reg, done 81,000 miles. Had full service history and I have had it 2 years. My Dad serviced it for me last April, new oil filter, new plugs etc. Anyone know any ideas - gonna get AA to try and get a ECU Error Code - Just hope its something and nothing Cheers
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