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  1. Had a look under the front this morning, and the front n/s steering balljoint gaiter is torn. I can't feel any play in it with the car jacked up, but it might only be apparent under load. Got it booked in at dealers for next monday. Will keep you posted on developments. Alan
  2. Hi all steering on my 2005 250SE is making an uncomfortable knock when near full lock driving backwards or forwards. I've read the various issues about tyre chatter from cold, but this is happening when the tyres are warm as well. If it was an old BMC mini, I would have said it was the CV joints - but unless I'm much mistaken, the IS doesn't have them . Just to top it off the clocks have started 'ratcheting' when the needles sweep. Any ideas greatly appreciated, or does anyone have details of the chassis numbers affected by the steering recall?? Cheers
  3. Update Spoke to my local dealer to get a quote for a new rim - £366.00 inc vat :tsktsk: So I saked if he had any warranty returns he would part with, turns out he has one which has a small mark on it that he will swap - if mine is too damaged to repair he will have to charge me the £57.50 surcharge they pay. Result either way methinks!
  4. Hi we had a bit of an altercation with a bridge on Christmas eve, with the nearside front wheel getting some big chunks taken out of the rim . I don't think it will repair so a new one is in order. Does anyone have a spare that they want to part with - IS250 SE, standard 17" rims?? Also, I've noticed that one of the rears has a chip and is starting to corrode, the car is past three years old, but is still on extended warranty - will I be able to get the rim replaced FOC? Thanks Alan
  5. Had my 250se mot'd in November and they also changed the rear calipers (under warranty). The workshop said that this was a very common warranty replacement on the IS. Can't say I noticed any real difference in braking tho'.
  6. Ditto, e39 5 series over an e60 anyday - I actually think the IS 250 is a bit like the last model 5 in a lot of ways.
  7. I'm with you on this. I've been on loads of forums, mostly for BMW's and they all concentrate on the things that go wrong, the difference seems to be on the BM forums, the owners are more prepared to put up with the problems (and trust me, BMW's have lots of them). I've had my 250 for 6 months and 11k miles, and whilst at first I missed the 'driver' feel of the BM's, the IS has really got under my skin. I've had no problems with the dealers or the car - no breakdowns, no notable rattles, only thing I think should be changed for the next model is sort out the tyre roar, and imrpove the rear seat space - I'd have another!
  8. Ah! the fine roads of the West Coast of Scotland - I've been all over europe and still haven't found any better! Have you tried the pass of cattle over to Applecross - Brilliant and scary! 1 - Mine doesn't do this 2 - Mine seems to be getting louder too, don't know the answer 3 - I actually quite like this because it puts you in a good overtaking gear (the sports part of the box is way better than all but the most recent BMW efforts) - but didn't I read somewhere that the 2009 models will allow you to use the paddles without selecting sport? 4 - Mine does the same - I have been told (?) that it is to make sure the top end of the engine gets oil quickly before you move off 5 - Neither does mine, but I drove one recently that did and wasn't too keen. Lastly, I agree, a great car! #alan
  9. Well here goes. I've driven the 220D as a courtesy car when my IS200LE was being serviced. I thought it was a typical diesel - awful, and was always delighted to get the far superior IS200 back. But, and it is a big but, the 220D is the rock bottom entry level of the Lexus chain and essentially for people who need to be seen to have a decent car but but don't want to pay for it; so what do they expect? Every marque has at least one car in that category and nearly all of them are the equivalent of steerage class on a luxury liner. Having said that, buyers are entitled to cars that do what they say on the tin, are reliable and don't have nagging faults that the dealers try to ignore. In the end though, the 220D may well not be a very good car, and as such will quietly fade away, and fed-up owners will do what they have always done - get shot and buy something better, grumbling every inch of the way! Here! Here! Has anyone driven a BMW 116i, its got nice steering and erm..................................... well its got nice steering. I've had eight 5 series BM's in the last 8 years, they were all good to drive, but the last two spent almost as much time at the (rubbish) dealers as they did on the road - lets just say that it's just as well that they offer warranties! My 250 is great, and it's the same size as when I bought it
  10. Hi I am sure someone will have posted something about the headlights elsewhere, but I can't seem to find any thing. Bought my 250 SE (not L, so no HID) in June and have only just had the opportunity to drive it in the dark. Guess what, the headlights are c**p on dipped beam, very short cut off and quite dull. They seem fine on full beam. I've had BMW's before and have had similar problems, but I just wondered if anyone had seen much of an improvement with uprated bulbs, particularly since the cut of seems so sharp. Cheers
  11. Thanks for that, I think the Falkens were overwhelmed by the torque on the BM, but I thought they might be better suited on the IS. In reply to the Goodyear F1's - a friend at work has them on a Focus ST and reckons they are the tops. Choice for me next time round will be Falken or Goodyear.
  12. How have you found the Falkens in the wet - I replaced Bridgestones on my 530d with falkens and they were great in the dry, very low noise and well priced, BUT.... the grip in the wet was much reduced - don't know whether this is more of a trait with them being wide 275/18 on the BMW. I quite fancy fitting these on my 250SE when the time comes, the Bridgestones are a bit noisy... Al
  13. Currently getting about 32 / 33 mpg in my 250 auto, based on 2500 miles total where my daily commute is 27 miles each way. Motorway runs (100 miles plus) at 70 to 85 mph have given anything up to 37mpg so far, but I haven't particularly tried to get good mpg yet. Can't answer about the diesel.
  14. The toyota and Mercedes ones I have seen/used have been a very gentle action with a lot of cushioning, so not something that you could, for instance, launch a squirrel with.... If that's what you're planning. I used to have an e60 5 series - the boot on that sprung opne so hard you could launch the squirrels and the tree they were in!! :P Was sometimes useful, but I lose count of the amount of times I nearly decapitated one of the kids :o
  15. Thanks for the replies. I will get this looked at for the next service - it definitely changes the sound quality on my car, makes everything seem a bit hollow and distant and I have to turn the volume up whether it's on or off.
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