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  1. Thanks Glyn. Is there a 2007 UK version that shows the interior trims & exterior colours?
  2. Thx Tango. i guess I won't know exactly how the wheels sit until they are actually on the car. (btw. its not RAYS I'm having :( ) Hopefully they'll arrive this weekend.
  3. Hey Tango, Nice garage contents by the way :)! I'm back in the Lexus game - couldn't stay away! What size & offset are the SF-Winnings? I'm having a some 18x8 ET35's and H&R 35mm springs and also wondered about the camber. (2007 IS220D)
  4. D4LLY

    RAYS Volk Racing Wheels

    Volk Racing wheels on my IS200
  5. Hi all, Just had a call from Co-ordSport in Tipton. Thay have some TEIN coilovers on a clearance list.. Monoflex at £690 (rrp £1524.00) and basic kits for £315.00 (rrp £660) They list them for the SXE10 so I don't know if they'll fit GXE10 Just thought I'd let you know. I've got HKS springs on already so will pass on the offer myself.
  6. my stainless lips look cack after all the snow and grit .... ...bring on the cleaner!
  7. My renewal is up in a week or so. With me and the missus with protected NCB & £0 voluntary excess its £480 with More Than (again higher than last year )
  8. thanks - the interior front bulb - Ba9 just refers to the bulb base design. Do you know the part number (R***)? The bulb I've taken out is a 10W domed glass one.
  9. i have a slight incline on my drive and struggled to get up it with SNOW on / TRC on To both: Common sense - stick some sand/salt down and the problem will melt away. true - well said :duh:
  10. i just prised it off with my fingers, but does any1 know what bulb it is?
  11. i have a slight incline on my drive and struggled to get up it with SNOW on / TRC on
  12. i think for a 18" the offsets should be between 40~45
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