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  1. I need to check the manual, but I think there is an option where you hold down both the passenger and driver button at the same time and change it so that remain at the setting without it changing down to one automatically.
  2. I was going to start a thread about the exact same issue I had this morning. I tried changing the s flow to the back, changed from Eco to normal, but nothing helped, so had the rear window demister for most of the journey and periodically put the driver and passenger windows down. So if anyone has found a solution it would much appreciated.
  3. Well I have the18 inch wheels on my premier and from my experience the ride is superb. I did test drive a premier on 17 inch wheels, and can't recall much difference between the two.
  4. My understanding on EV mode is that at lower speeds it will only use electric, whereas in normal Eco etc, it will also use electric only, but it will use the engine from time to time to charge, work the air con and that type of thing. My car had the adaptive cruise control, which will brake the car to keep a set distance from the car in front if it is moving slower than the limit set. But I am not sure if you are referring to this? I think delivery varies on what model/colour you want and their availability.
  5. Ok the other thing you could try is settings then navigation then show speed limit info and change that to no. That might work, but can't think of anything else.
  6. I haven't tried this but when it comes to POI options can you remove them from the list so the camera icons are not displayed? I think that might switch it off, but just a guess at the moment!
  7. I actually found that really funny. A waste maybe, but I guess it was a way to make a point and vent frustration
  8. That makes me feel a little better, as I am currently getting around 42mpg. I have done over 650 miles, I try to get up to speed,take the foot off, and then just use the electric power, longer breaking etc but struggle to get much above that at the moment. I do find the petrol engine very keen to join in, so maybe there is a difference between models. I do drive predominantly on motorways, is that bad for fuel economy, would I be better off taking a roads instead!
  9. I have done around 500 miles and haven't experienced any rattles at all.
  10. You're welcome, you may not have to wait as long as you think, but I guess it would be for your dealer advise. :) I am glad I went for the option.
  11. Ahb is automatic high beam. You push a button near to the button where the parking sensor button is, and when you flick the high beam stalk forward a light comes on the dashboard with a light and auto. A camera on the back of mirror monitors light from oncoming vehicles or rear lights of cars in front and dips the high beam automatically so good for country roads etc and returns high beam when they are no oncoming lights detected again. Lda is lane departure alert. The same camera monitors the whites lines on the road, which turn on using a button the steering wheel When you go above 32 mph the hollow lines go white when it identifies a line on either or both sides on the road If you start to cross it without indicating the line on the dashboard flashes yellow and an alarm sounds. ACC is adaptive cruise control you set the speed of vehicle using normal cruise control and also you set the distance you always want to remain from the car in front, short medium or long. On the dashboard a car appears on the screen when it is detected and will slow the car to match the speed of the vehicle in front. When they move out the way and it is clear the car returns to the speed set. PCS is a pre braking system which uses the same radar for the ACC to alert you if you may hit the car in front and sounds an alarm. It provides additional braking assistance and helps the car to stop more effectively. Apparently in the future cars fitted with this technology may get cheaper car insurance, but will have to wait and see. I think it can apply the brakes for you, like it does on the acc but obviously haven't had to try it!! Hope that helps but let me know if you want to know anything else. So you get four things for the money. On the previous model it was over 2000 pound and you only got acc and pcs so it is better value now.
  12. I have only driven 500 miles but thought I would add few things. I went for adaptive cruise control option which I was a bit cautious to use at first, but it does work far better than I was expecting. I also used the ahb on country roads and was impressed at how well it worked, so can recommend the optional pack. The sat nav is good, but does sometimes go really slow, and has crashed, which meant I had to re-register my phone. I have found the voice recognition worse than the last IS, with it rarely ever identifying the right command. I wonder if I need to try a different accent? ;) I also found that operating the washer does not seem to operate the wipers, not sure if anyone else has had this? Overall very happ with the car, and the handling and comfort are much much better than the second generation IS.
  13. We have connected services, so to register your car you go to and there it allows you to register your trips and your car etc. My understanding is that apps and that type of thing will become available next year. I have registered and used it, and have managed to download my trips to the car etc. I find it easier than trying to put addresses in letter by letter using the mouse.
  14. Given the number of reviews which marked the IS down for not matching it's fuel economy figure, I thought his what car update was reassuring
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