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  1. Hey all, Can anyone recommend a decent OBD II Scanner, preferbaly something that has a good software package to go with it like Engine Check Thanks
  2. I recently had a prob with my washer but that was more to do with the bracket, however on the IS200 I've been told the washer works off water pressure and not a motor, and you do need to have the lights on.
  3. £250 for a cam service sounds brilliant, just rang my local stealer (lexus woodford) and they quoted around £370. anyone know any decent garages in the east london area, preferably an establishment that know their way around a lexus? sorry to steal the thread
  4. Car looks good, like some of the others have said, all you need now is dark lights and tints to set it off. IMO black rims look better on a white body but that's my opinion.
  5. thanks for the response folks. I thought the process would have been as easy as having the same auto switch on other windows, but as I'm not very confident with lecy stuff I'm not sure if I should proceed. full closure would have been nice though.
  6. Hi All, Does anyone know if the auto open / close window switch on the drivers side is a single unit or a part of the block of four switches, reason I ask is, as the title says, If the auto switch is a single switch, I was thinking to use it on the passenger side or within the drivers side block to have the same functionality as the drivers side window. Hope it makes sense.
  7. Clunking Update: I completed the caliper pin overhaul last night and the clunkingn noise is gone, yipee... However the annoying rattle is still there, not as loud as before but noticeable when really quiet. I think I might just put up with it for now. On to my next problem, what to do with the dreaded ERR3 problem. thanks for everyones input.
  8. Thanks for the response guys, I took the car down to my local Kwik fit before work and managed to get it on the ramp, they had a good look around with lots of prodding and slapping on the underside as they do and had a quick look at the suspension but they couldn't see any problems. But as you all probably know kwik fit don't always know what they're doing (they tried to make me spend £500 on replacing my suspension on my Golf when there was nothing wrong with it). I think I will take it to another garage for a second opinion. Also, anyone know a good place to buy general parts?
  9. As I was driving today with a full load of passengers, a worrying clunk could be heard every time i went over a bump or imperfection on the road. It sounded like it was coming from the rear. Anyone have any idea what this could be? I've also got the 'rattling' and 'clunking when braking and turning' from the front wheels. I've so far replaced the anti squeal springs, added the shim kit as it was missing and now have planned to carry out the slide pin overhaul. if all this fails it will probably be the lower ball joint next. any ideas what could causing these two problems and has anyone else had these, should I be worried about the metal to metal sounding clunk from the rear. Any help much appreciated.
  10. The short answer is no. Also from the other thread My thoughts exactly. Thats a lot of dosh to shed out again if it goes pop later (which they are prone to do). I was told at the time the replacement was a revised mechanisum, a year and a half on no problems (touch wood) For me the OEM look was more important, and in my opinion replacement facias then available spoiled to look of the dash I think I'll give Autosound a ring on Monday and see what they say.
  11. JonnyB, I got kinda lost in that lengthy thread, can you add a external cd changer to the factory head unit utilising the normal cd functions? this would be cheaper than a HU upgrade or repair. anyone know if this is possible?
  12. Still not sorted, I'll need to have a proper look this weekend if i get time, or I might wait until i get the front bumper resprayed, some plank scuffed it and now the paint is flaking where it's taken the shunt.
  13. My unit was doing the exact same thing, every time you start the car cd player goes mental. My one had a cd still inside, so I removed the head unit, pulled the cd out, noticed the open / close mechanism was stiff so sprayed a little wd40 to loosed up, after that it didn't make the whiring sound. (CD player is still broke)
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