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  1. 1994 is not listed. For 1995-97 134a in US ounces: 30 PAG 46 Oil 7.75 Scroll down to lexus. Good luck
  2. Oh good Lord. They're multiplying faster than Beetles. I think there're two actually doing it in the upper left. Quick, get some spray! ;) What do you suppose this one is doing? Has someone dropped it?
  3. I must say of course, no offence to anyone who owns or who have owned one. But they are very cute and very funny to actually see moving down the road at speed. Almost looks like a toy tho. Do you still own one? What are they like to drive? Do they feel... well...solid?
  4. Passed one of these yesterday on the highway, and just laughed and laughed. :) :) They are just too funny. It was the first I'd seen. Of course when gas hits $7/gal here he'll be laughing at me. Are they common in the UK? Cheers!
  5. As a temporary fix, try an additive to swell the seals. In the U.S there is something called trans-seal. (the PS pump uses tranny fluid) I have been using it for 11 years, and have yet to replace the pump at about $1100.00US. I do however, have to top it off at the rate of about 4-5OZ every month or so.
  6. Sounds like the infamous boot hinge wire harness issue. Classic symptom. Have you checked the wire harness? The ECU is getting bad data from the short there, causing the cut off, is my guess. Post back if this turns out to be the cause. Good luck.
  7. Hi Alex, without looking in my boot just now (its late and throwing it down), and maybe asking a silly question but u mean just the bundle of wires from the light cluster that run back into the car? must be if they near the hinge i suppose, they cant be fueltank related cos that on the other side anyway (over here anyway :). Well im gonna take a look anyway cos i had a few gremlins in my car - a 93 Mk1 Ls400. It just jerks when i need more revs but lacks power when it does if you understand???? Its the only fault the engine has had and i dread to think of the expense.....but your info sounds a bit mad at 1st but i know electrics can do strange things so im gonna look and hope it is just a rewire..... Thanks for the shout Hi Manc, Sorry. Been spending most of my time over on the U.S. site. Being stupid, when I first found LOC and immediately joined, I didn't realize it was international and that I had joined the UK club. I have since corrected the problem by joining the U.S. site. Just now popped back across the puddle to see what my UK mates were up to. So sorry for the delay. When you open the boot, at the left boot hinge, there is a wire harness concealed there on the hinge itself. With each open/close action it puts stress on those wires. Eventually they fatigue then start to short out. This causes all manner of strange behaviour with the beast. Everthing from (in my case) the stereo going on the blink, to bucking, stalling when brakes applied, to rough idle to surging. Really terrible experience. I thought my beautiful world class automobile was pure junk and the engine, toast. I finally (being a bit slow) realized that it must be an electrical issue, but had no idea where to begin to look for the cause. Took it into the dealership (I know that's a big no-no here ;) ) to have them run an electrical check. After 1 full day, they diagnosed the short at the hinge. (My guess is that they knew from my description over the telly what the prob was, as it is an inherent design flaw). They then offered to replace the harness at $500.00US. I paid them their diagnostic fee, and politely declined. Later at home, it was a matter of removing the plastic hinge cover concealing the harness, and stripping, reconnecting and taping it all securely together. Do Not arrange the whole mess so that it is stressed again. In other words, let it swing free, in the open, relieving any stress on the bundle. Not pretty, but.... problem solved as Ross Perot used to say. Hope others with rough running, weird behaviour issues will see this and try it. It has been smooth as silk since this was done. Best of all, it's free and it works! Good luck (by the by, please post back if you try this and it works. The more people who learn about this easy fix, the better) "Beer. It's not just for Breakfast anymore "
  8. Thanks my friends, for the warm welcome. Truly this is an awesome site. I always enjoy reading my mates from the UK replies as they are always so well written, on point, and make good common sense (in most cases, a few dark brews notwitstanding). :D Wait awhile, and I may tip a few myself, and 'stop making sense' as the the old Talking Heads tune goes. Bye the bye, can anyone point me to a thread that deals with ---- A) drivers seat goes cockeyed when one uprights it, and B ) Where may one pick up a heater control valve in the U.S. (probs w/ the A/C not cooling well). The only place I can find one is the dealer which wants $166US for a $40US part. Thanks once again...
  9. Hello all- new guy here, so be gentle. Here's what fixed it for me: Once I did it, it was fixed for good (so far). What I did was to strip and rewire the wire harness at the left side hinge in the trunk, or boot as our UK friends say. This appears to be a known design flaw which will eventually fray those wires, cause shorts and all manner of weird happenings, jerking, wild rpms, engine cutting off etc. So, that's it! Just wanted to share a cheap fix that worked for me. Your mileage may vary. Anyway thanks again to all and hello!
  10. Wow! The depth of knowledge to be found here is incredible! Thank you all. I was so impressed that I just had to sign up right away. I've owned my 1992 ls400 for 11 years and have had most of the normal probs associated w/ it : bad a/c lcd, leaking p/s pump (never replaced just fill w/trans stop leak once a month), rear diff leaking, and the big one : sputtering, dying, jerking, hi/low rpm out of control engine. I came across this board for another problem, but had to join in order to share my particular fix for the above prob. Once I did it, it was fixed for good (so far). What I did was to strip and rewire the wire harness at the left side hinge in the trunk, or boot as our UK friends say. That's it! Just wanted to share a cheap fix that worked for me. Your mileage may vary. Anyway thanks again to all and hello!
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