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  1. Happy Birthday Dan_Harris!

  2. tbh i've had the car slide with trc on anyways, I only really use trc if it's icy or heavy rain.
  3. agreed :) although I would get the bathhurst edition and use the spare cash in respraying it without the stupid racing stripes :)
  4. that FXX was actually schu's own one hence him being on the show and as the credits said Special Guest - Michael Schumacher
  5. Me and Sam did my brakes so we defo didn't throw away the shims :)
  6. exactly the same for me dazz, just feathering coming to junctions it squeals :(
  7. agreed stav's profile is a good one to look at although he has the TTE front :)
  8. Hi guys just a quick question, anyone who is using the mintex brake discs+pads notice that they squeak a lot under light breaking? mine are still fairly new and do squeak quite a bit
  9. how have I missed this? nath it's stunning mate absolute work of art think you should flush the number plate though like Sam.
  10. lol nice :) that's all I needed to know.
  11. sorry to jump in but just wanted to double check - the Hotchki's ARB's ive found are IS300 will they fit the Is200 ok?
  12. Think it's one of those things I'll like for a few weeks then realise what a horrible mistake i've made and revert back :)
  13. Scott_R has these on his Lex they are not RHD but he had them converted but it did take a fair amount of work iirc, there are a few is200/300's on cardomain with those gatling gun style headlights they look stunning imo. Here's one - CLICK ME I love this Lex it's stunning :) shows those projector headlights off really well too (Custom IS300 JDM Headlamps with Oracle Halos and Q45 Retrofit Projectors ) Mate, i found them on ebay for 1bout 250 including shipping which is quite good. Now, I will need to convince my wife that "we need them". Linky :D
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