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  1. hi mate , cheers !! yeh since got it sorted thanks again :shutit:
  2. hi there , can anybody tell me if when i open the doors on my IS , how many lights come on in the car?? i have the normal intera light between both seats on roof and the map light that only lights up when buton pressed !!! i may be wrong but think they both used to light up ????? when doors open its not life or death but somebody let me no please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. hi mate just seen message , found them from ebay shop they are just grooved gona do the lot they come with ebc black pads £199 as im in trade wasnt able to get near that price so gona give it a go if you wana look ebay type in is200 front drill/grooved disc/pads theres not that many with a full set ??
  4. cheers 4 that will go with the grooved ive found & with ebc pad's out of the red green yellow pads , what will give out less dust ?????
  5. hi there people , i have a is 200 that is ready for her 1st set of front disc and pads , its on 38000k so rears will go longer but may just do the lot ive always done my own on other cars cause im in the trade and when poss fit gen parts . was gona use ADL if lexus are to much , but found on ebay a shop with drilled front and back 4 £180.00 has anybody got drilled , are they worth the money , and if i use them whats the best type of pads (dont want mintext extream) as my mate had them in his evo and they made plenty of noise when brakeing !!!!!!! seaking advice if anybody can help i no you can go crazy with prices but just want a nice long lasting brake set up cause not up 4 doing them that offen ....
  6. well done your the man !!! dont no if i will go that far yet may put up with it ? 2 it gets 2 bad good 2 no that others also play up :shutit:
  7. hi ya all !! just in case anyone has had the same thing ? my cd head unit some times dosnt select the disc which means i have 2 skip up & down to get the right 1 ? it never jumps & happens with all types of cd's new & old ? its the 6 cd that comes in the car , the car only had 1 owner & he was old so thinking it hasnt had much use ?? dont wana start putting head cleaner discs in cause of the stacking system ? & cause i can put up with it dont wana get a new 1 , any ideas :shutit: :shutit:
  8. hi there , 1st posted this a few weeks ago ! thanks to the people who gave me feed back but still carnt get one my dealer hasnt any or carnt get one , did miss one on ebay so if anybody no's of one going spare (mines so bloody taty) all books are intacted , just the leather wallet thats all i want !!!!! can i just say this forums great - never gona need a haynes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :shutit:
  9. well done bud , said cheers to mat to ! you boys no your stuff :shutit:
  10. well done ! how great is this site then , less then 30mins 4 a reply back :shutit:
  11. hello ! a mate of mine has a is200 , same as mine and wants to turn off the n/s/f dash air bag ? so the baby can go in the front , told him always put them in back , but he still wants 2 no if he can isolate it ? i no some late peugeots 306 will let you do this but we are dealing with proper jap STUFF arnt we anybody ???????
  12. well done bud you have helped me b4 ! did look ok till do but with this site just mite as well ask .
  13. hi there , anybody no how easy it is to change pollen filter on is200 2001 :shutit:
  14. hi there , anybody no how i go about getting a new service book wallet ? you no the folder that all the little books live in ! if any one can help it will be good
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