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  1. Hi, I have a 2007 Lexus is220d. 18 months ago I had a replacement head gasket and 3 weeks later the egr cooler blew up costing £1500. Since then the car has run really well until about 2 weeks ago when I started to see lots of white smoke behind me. This continued even when the engine was hot. Today, I noticed it was hard to start, seemed to have no power from the battery, but I got it going and went to work. Tonight, after work the car was making a clicking noise when I tried to start it. All the lights lit up, ie dash headlights etc. But it just wouldn't start. Tried to jump start it, but nothing except clicking noises. I eventually got it started by using a heavy duty jump starter from work, but the engine died after about 2 minutes. So tried again. This worked and I left it running unitl it was hot. I got home followed by lots of smoke, which smells quite badly. No engine warning lights have come on, the oil is full and the water in the coolant is half way between high and low.... Any ideas?
  2. Apparently, I was told today that this isn't a part that should have been fixed as part of the head gasket problem, it is a separate entity. The £3500 price is now for all 3 EGR valves and for the pipes and bolts etc and there is no "goodwill" gesture allowed on this as it is out of warranty. They stated that this problem was probably happening before the head gasket blew and there was nothing else they were prepared to do on the subject. I won't be going back to Coventry again!!
  3. Thanks for the replies... No I didn't pop another 0 on for good measure!! They quoted £3500 for the job. Today I phoned Lexus in Birmingham and Manchester for advice and to ask them the price of this job. They told me it would be around 9 hours labour at £100 and the part is £669 = £1569 + VAT Total £1882. I spoke to Lexus head office to ask them to explain why there is a difference of £1680. The dealer I spoke to told me that I was allowed some good discount on the job... yeah £1680!! I was also told that this EGR cooler should have been changed as part of the head gasket and engine.. In fact I should have had a new complete engine fitted to the car inc turbo, gearbox etc.... I don't even have a hire car to drive. Complete bodge all round.... Cov
  4. Hi All, I hope someone can help or atleast offer some advice..... I took my car to Lexus at the end of Feb this year as I suspected my head gasket was playing up.. I was told that it was but also the engine had twisted and that would need replacing also at a cost of £6500. As I had my full service they said that it was covered under there warranty, thankfully!! Now my problem started. The car went in on the Wednesday and came back to me Friday lunchtime, all sorted according to Lexus. When I drove it, the car was smoking worse than it was when it went in. They had it back and I was told that it was steam. I had it back for another week and it was still smoking fairly badly when it was idling. They had it back and told me that it was unburnt diesel and they needed to change the particular filter. They did this by telling me they had another car going to auction and they could reduce the cost by taking it of the auction car and putting it on mine. so I said ok do it. But it doesn't look like it has been changed as the bolts to it don't look like a spanner has been near!! Yesterday, my car took ages to start and when it did, there was a vast amount of white smoking out of the exhaust. Coolant all over the engine, No hot air from the heater. They told me today that it was the EGR Cooler Valve at a price of £3500 to replace. I don't think they did the initial job properly.... Any ideas?? Thanks in advance...
  5. Link works fine thank you and managed to change them today... took about half an hour altogether.. easy when you know how!! got my bulbs from this seller in America, they took 5 days to get here and so far so good!!
  6. I`ve just had to buy 2 new xenon bulbs for my Lexus, but was told to be very careful when fitting them myself as I could end up getting a really bad electric shock as apparently they hold a charge. Also was told that I had to get them discharged first before fitting, then get the bulbs recharged before they would work... Any ideas?????
  7. Hi Join the club - have had 2 sets of front disc and pads fitted with just over 38k on the clock - had a big moan to lexus customer care on the first set and after a long rant had a refund for the cost of the front disc - the rears were changed under a recall and that was lucky as they told me that they would need changing after the last service .I have given up on the quality of the disc and pads that lexus use and they must know that they are undersize for a heavy 2500 cc auto ,like you I have a BMW 320d M sport auto and the on board comp tells me that after some 37k from new all I have had done is 2 oil changes and a brake fluid change - the front pads have another 13k before changing and rear 9k .and 4 new tyres last service on the lexus cost me £2200 included 4 new tyres -front worn on inner and Lexus launch the IS in 2005 stating cost of ownership was down on the IS 200. blah blah cheers swager It`s not good, I would have thought that at the moment with all the adverse publicity that Toyota are getting that they would bend over backwards to help!! I meant to also say that the rear tyre on the side of the caliper that has seized is down to 3mm, according to the dealer, and the other side is at 6.... you guessed it the tyres were changed at the same time!! But the dealer stressed too me that the tyres were under inflated saying my fronts were at 32 and the rears were at 34 psi. The fronts were changed 2 weeks ago at Kwik Fit so presumably they would have been fitted correctly.... or is it Lexus`s way of trying to riggle out of the problem??
  8. I`m having the same problem with Lexus at the moment.. Took the car in today with a clutch type problem and a slight burning smell at the rear. Lexus have called back and told me that the caliper has seized completely, although it was working earlier, and that because of this the brake pads have uneven wear in them, so that will be done under warranty. The rear discs however are corroded and they will not cover those and to add salt to the wound the front discs have a lip around the top and they need changing too.. but not under warranty. The car has done 26000 miles and I personally think that sort of wear is not acceptable. My last car was a BMW and I sold of that on 67000, had it from new and the discs were fine!!
  9. Hi, I`ve just been changing the filters on my car, cabin, air and oil change with filter. I have bough tthe feul filter also and took the car down to my local mechanic but he has no idea where to locate the fuel filter and I haven`t got a clue either. If you can help that would be brilliant. Also do I need to reset the ECU after changing the filters and if so how do I do that? Thanks in advance!!
  10. Hi Roger, Thanks for this. When I download it it only goes upto page 62!! Rich. I think he was referring to the page numbers on the scanned document, not the PDF page numbers (mine only goes up to 62 too). It seems to be on page 291 though, not 295 (page 37 in the PDF). Hi yes sorry, it was me not reading the info correctly.. Thanks again..
  11. Hi Roger, Thanks for this. When I download it it only goes upto page 62!! Rich.
  12. I`m a little confused to the position of the pollen filter in my IS 220. It`s an 07 plate. I am changing that and the air filter myself and getting the pros to do the oil and fuel filter. If anyone has a diagram or can explain where to locate it I would be grateful. Thanks..
  13. My take on it as well.........hope the inside dries out ok matey. Hi Thanks for the replies!! It`s drying out slowly!! Gooing to get a dehumidifier to try and complete the task!! If that is the case and I did catch the fob, do you know of any way this feature can be turned off? If so can I do it manually or is it back to the dealer?? Thanks again.
  14. Yesterday morning I woke to find all 4 windows open and the car still locked. We had a thunder storm that morning and heavy rain and the car is soaked. I know that I didnt leave the windows open as I drove home at 4am, it was raining and very cold and as of problems that I had with my last car and burglars I always check the car before I go inside. If I had unintentionally pressed the key fob and opened thewindows myself then the car would have been unlocked. Lexus say they haven`t heard of this problem before, I tend to disagree!! Just wondered if anyone else had experienced anything similar? Richie.
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