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  1. I'll hopefully have a Mk 2 RX300 soon and will need to fit a tow bar. I'd like a hidden or detachable one. To anyone that has one fitted: Which one do you have? Did you need to have the bumper cut and does it show? Does the spare wheel fit with the tow bar installed? Thanks.
  2. Cool, I've searched the US forum and all the problems seem to be with series 1 cars, the series 2 seem pretty solid. I think I'll go for it, now to find one in black (the only colour the Mrs wants). Anyone else reading this please keep the feedback coming as it will be useful for me and others.
  3. Hi, I'm looking at getting a Series 2 RX300 SE-L. I'm after one at the cheaper end of the market (and therefore no doubt high mileage). Does anyone on here own a high mileage one and do you have any feedback on running it? Do things go wrong - the engine/suspension/gearbox? Or, are they very reliable even at high mileage - some cars I would happily run up to 200,000 miles (My alfa isn't one of them, my Elise is!)? Your comments/feedback is appreciated...