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  1. Happy birthday, Ifraz I hope you get lots of pressies ........... and cake :D
  2. Telegraph Motoring section last week... Chap having trouble with his new Jag Was told to take it to a Ford garage, as it is a Ford engine
  3. only briefly day/days ?? Sat and Sun :D
  4. ........ well, I'm not cooking it for you :P I don't like them big and green
  5. Where is everyone? Watching the England game perhaps......
  6. I took the gun away from him........ You're safe now :winky:
  7. Yes, John, couple more in the Gallery - in the meets section, page 76 I think When Matt sees this, he'll be able to post a hyperlink I'm sure I could if I tried...... 7.9.03 Manchester
  8. Hope this works..... hmmmmm bit too small But, if you use your magnifying glass, from the left we have: Loz, John (Wosket), Matt (Wildrnes) and Tony (Zaphod) And the cars - Wosket, Loz, Wildrnes and ......... Zaphod's hired Vectra :yack:
  9. Hi, Raj Welcome to the club To answer your question - the things I know of to look out for before your warranty runs out are: Water pump leak Alloys corroding CD Err 3 Enjoy your car and the club (and DO go Gold............) Linda
  10. Didicois - Tinkers - Travellers - Pikeys - Gippos Generally, derogatory terms for people you wouldn't invite to dinner :winky:
  11. It was nice to meet everyone, of course, not just Jo - sorry
  12. Oh, I forgot - before we left, we decided that a meet on the Isle of Man would be a VERY good idea........ I'll let Zaphod tell you about the speed limits over there :D :winky:
  13. You must have only just missed us, Cheds ;) Loz and Jo (nice to meet you, Jo) turned up at Matt's around 12 We drove over to the Green, where Wosket (John) nearly missed us.......... nothing to do with his being hung over at all :winky: Walked over to pick up Zaphod (Tony) and Lorraine from the Bridgewater Left at around 1 - tried the John Gilbert first, no steak and ale pie, so that was a non-starter We ended up at Worsley Old Hall Had lunch and a few drinkies in the sunshine B) (no, it doesn't ALWAYS rain in Manchester :P ) What a superb afternoon..... a nicer bunch of folk you couldn't wish to meet I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and will post piccies tomorrow at the latest :D