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  1. Happy Birthday tama7!

  2. tama7


    hi all i woulld love a charger for my is200 i will pay top dollar can anyone sort me out.cheers
  3. i am mate just wanna see if any poor soul has fitted one of these with their claimed 30hp increase there's no way they can create the same pressure as a mechanical supercharger with an electric motor.
  4. hi all see alot about these electric surperchargers on the net personally i think its pure crap but is there anyone on the loc who's actually fitted one of these kits and if so was there any power gain at all.cheers
  5. hi all i would like to attend one of the loc meets being here in ireland i was wondering when the next and closest one to me is cheers.
  6. hi mate i have my is200 about 2 months now and im well chuffed i would usually have bought german car's but the lex is exellent well recommended.
  7. tama7

    My Lex

    im trying to get that pic as my personal pic as you can tell im new to this i've made a bit of a hash of it.
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    My Lex

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  9. hi all just an update on my power chip still have not got a dyno graph for it yet but i put my chipped is200 against a standard is200 on a straight drag race and was able to pull away slowly but ended up about 5 car lenghts ahead up to about 100 mph i cant guess the power gain without the dyno but it is a good gain and im well chuffed with it.i will post the dyno results as soon as i get of my ***** to do it.
  10. tama7


    hi guys having some trouble putting a pic of my lex as personal pic got some advice need more.
  11. hi all wanna post a pic of my is200 how do i do it cheers.
  12. cheers mate honestly really feels the dogs must get it tested used to be slow on the pick up now thats gone just rev's so nice well chuffed.
  13. hi all a few weeks ago i posted a topic about powerchips i sent the ecu for my is200 to france to be chipped.glad to say that i got it back and car feels great rev's much faster and harder they cliam 30bhp with this programming package i cant say for sure until i get a dyno but i can def say that the cars feels alot more alive lower down and rev's very well on the way cost me 350euro and i can really say its worth it and i would recommend this upgrade dont buy that crap on ebay check them out at the only thing i will say is it takes about a week to post and get back i was nervous for awhile they pay and record postage but my lexus is really going well just a pity they didnt do this from standard as it goes so well and feels better than ever.
  14. hi all going send my ecu to geneva to be remapped they promise to return within 3 days with a 25 bhp increase will post the results.
  15. tama7

    Is 200

    no this is supposed to be the proper job this company has 20 years of experiance with powerchips and the claims they make are tested.but being french it is hard to communicate with them on this matter but check them out for
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