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  1. kenmac

    2018 event calendar

    I'll take it your right
  2. kenmac

    2018 event calendar

    Does the club publish a list of club events for the coming year ?
  3. Both of my old S Class & the E55 had illuminated vent wheels, really handy & looks really nice at night as well.
  4. I'm going to keep my option open as to whether I go for an LS400 MK3, MK4 or a 430 as I just want the best example I can get Malc
  5. in my mind I think this geezer is being a tad optimistic, no service history
  6. Blimey that is a surprise & I'm the same as you, I've never had any issues with any of my Merc's.
  7. kenmac

    Hi all back again

    Unfortunately I haven't won the lottery........
  8. I saw this, I'm watching it just to see what it goes for.
  9. Really like that, unfortunately can't afford one till next year 😥
  10. Yeah that was my last LS, loved it
  11. I was thinking of a 2006 Jag XJ (the aluminium body x350) which I think have come a long way for reliability plus there's so many places to get new parts from which is a bonus & even had the ridiculous idea of a Pheaton TDI but not won the lottery yet to repair it, but I have had 6 mercs with no issues to speak of, but want my next car to be an LS 430 & can't wait to get one
  12. kenmac

    Hi all back again

    I'm back after a 10yr absence from Lexus ownership & in this time I've had 2 x Merc S500's, 1 E55 & various other cars but I'm wanting to get an LS430 next year as I've had some news that has forced me to make a bucket list, & on this list is to own another LS so the saving has started. It feels good to be back.