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  2. Cheers Tulpen I didn't think they would have both & I know the air ride is probably uber reliable & I more than likely wouldn't have any issues with it but just thought if both were available I'd opt for simpler option.
  3. Just doing homework ahead of getting a 460 & due to health reasons this will probably be my last car & just trying to gauge possible repair costs as I'm no longer in work, but this car has always been a dream of mine to own & is number 1 on my bucket list & obviously coils will be cheaper to fix than air if it ever goes wrong.
  4. I thought I was the only one that did that
  5. Does anyone know if all UK 07-09 460's came with air suspension or did some come with regular struts
  6. I'm trying to some homework about buying an 07/08 460 se-l, but just have a couple of questions regarding them. Audio : do all the early cars come with bluetooth & can you play music from your phone direct to the headunit or is it just for the phone & can you still update the satnav maps. Seats : do they still have the massage facility like in the 430 because couldn't see it on the rear switches.
  7. Does anyone know if you can retrofit the LED headlamps from a 2008 600h on to a 2008 460se-l ?
  8. Does the club publish a list of club events for the coming year ?
  9. Both of my old S Class & the E55 had illuminated vent wheels, really handy & looks really nice at night as well.
  10. I'm going to keep my option open as to whether I go for an LS400 MK3, MK4 or a 430 as I just want the best example I can get Malc
  11. in my mind I think this geezer is being a tad optimistic, no service history
  12. Blimey that is a surprise & I'm the same as you, I've never had any issues with any of my Merc's.
  13. Unfortunately I haven't won the lottery........
  14. I saw this, I'm watching it just to see what it goes for.
  15. Really like that, unfortunately can't afford one till next year 😥
  16. I was thinking of a 2006 Jag XJ (the aluminium body x350) which I think have come a long way for reliability plus there's so many places to get new parts from which is a bonus & even had the ridiculous idea of a Pheaton TDI but not won the lottery yet to repair it, but I have had 6 mercs with no issues to speak of, but want my next car to be an LS 430 & can't wait to get one
  17. I'm back after a 10yr absence from Lexus ownership & in this time I've had 2 x Merc S500's, 1 E55 & various other cars but I'm wanting to get an LS430 next year as I've had some news that has forced me to make a bucket list, & on this list is to own another LS so the saving has started. It feels good to be back.
  18. Do you need to remove the engine to replace the manifold gaskets does anyone know?
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