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  1. I did repair my cluster on my is300h f sport but the cluster was the original. I fixed the stuck odometer by reprogramming a new IC and surface mounting it to the board in place of the old/broken one. I have since been tracked down from other lexus forums and repaired another f sport cluster with the exact same issue. Very strange fault to occur. My attempts with lexus were totally fruitless since they just wanted to sell me a new fitted cluster. Hmm I think not. So I set to read up and did the job myself. Ian
  2. 4 years in Steve with my second hand is300h F sport. No issues with hybrid system or battery yet. Touch wood. Cetainly the best car I have had. Would love something like rc-f but don't think I can justify it to myself. Ian
  3. I hope lexus has made their newer cars learn the damn things. Certainly my is300h 2014 didn't
  4. Hi. I once had similar situation. Unfortunately for me the men at said garage treat all wheels and tyres and tpms as one and tried to tell me the car will learn the new tpms sensor they had replaced "just drive it around and it will sort itself out". Yeah right, after a week still had indicator on dash so I know how annoying it is. I also now know they had sh*t for brains. If they had used their brains they could have picked the phone up where lexus would have told them any new tpms needs coding to the car. Usually done with teachsteam. (Btw that's not the amazon cheapo job, reason being is that the software works but the cable has some connections disabled. Buying proper cable costing £70 got all working.) Anyway I got said garage to give me all four tmps id's and I programmed them into techstream. Since then no tpms light in a year. Lesson learnt. Don't use garages that just shift tyres and nowt else.
  5. I used to have to use redex in my is220d. That was due to the phenomenon known as white smoke intermittely occurring after the car had surpassed 100,000 miles. Strange that lexus couldn't and wouldn't fix it. Not used redex in my is300h but interested to see what others think. Also has anyone an opinion on tuning/mapping this car. Seems its stayed well clear of from the remaplers. If it has a petrol engine when the hybrid isn't running, why is it stayed clear or? Sorry not trying to change the subject.
  6. Hi What I did wasn't a real lot to be honest. The milage wasn't clocking up as it should. I deciphered the code locations of mileage, of which there are two, one for the displayed mileage and another with the incremented figure ready to be moved to the displayed location and rinse repeat. Anyway short of sorting that correctly and then flashing it back to the IC, and fit/test was about it. Interestingly, my two code locations had the same figure in then, hence it not clocking up. The pusle was certainly there to make the increment but I think because locations A and B contained the same hex figures for the displayed and new mileage I guess the unit froze on what to do. The bigger question is why did it get like that, why did I find some other person with the same issue in the same mileage approx area, and why do I now have a guy who's contacted me with the self and same issue with his f sport. No coincidence me thinks. Anyway.. certainly the logic to move the dial etc will be contained on the code in perhaps another IC involved in moving the display as well as moving the motor etc. My best guess is that power rails etc the data rails are most likely also the same fed to the clock and the clock is responsible for dealing with them. My best guess (and it is just that) is that they are likely interchangeable, but rightly as others have said you still need the buttons on the wheel to actuate the moving display. The simplest test is both cars together and do a swap to see. Short of that I wouldn't shell out anything personally.
  7. My fsport does exactly the same and has done for the last 3 years I've had it. I can't remember what side it does it but it's not the same on both. Usually that's a cv join issue but who knows. I hardly ever full lock steer it so it's rare. Ian.
  8. Hi there. Calibration files are essentially ecu updates. With techstream (if you have it) can be applied to the car using the correct process. Regards Ian
  9. Hi. I didnt try to fit a fsport dash from one mk to a different mk. I bought the car and the odometer was stuck at 55k miles. I couldnt live with that. I desoldered the IC and flashed it. Worked after a few different attemlts Ian
  10. Yes I too connected a zif IC socket and lead and soldered it to the back on the pads of the board. It allowed me to put the clock back in place but easily flash the IC by removing it and then replacing it. Very useful when testing. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  11. I assume your ton of time hacking it was spent with it out of the car powered up on a bench? I know multiple changes and reloads of the file in situ would have been a right ballache. Did you just hack your own file or did you use the one I sent? Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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