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  1. On the pictures is coil and amplifier and I have not signal on this coil when turn ignition ON and I can't programm the key. Somebody know, what maybe the problem?
  2. I now where is alarm unit, I tryed unplug it but I need reset this unit, how I can do it? Because this unit when is armed cut signal on the coil on the ignition switch.
  3. Hi Gays! I new owner and I have the Lexus GS300 1996. Few time ago I lost all keys from my car. The car have the factory immobilizer system and key had transponder chip, now I can't start my engine. But I bought new key with chip in Lexus center. This key is clean (have not code). Gay in center said me that I must buy new ECU and go to the center with my car, with my new ECU and with my new key and their programmed it. I can't do it, because my car stay in my garden and I just have not time for this. I find gay via internet who go to me, take away my ECU and Immobilizer, delete old keys and going to me back. We plug-in all units and he begin program the new key to the car but again problem. When I lost keys car was armed with remote fobkey. I open the door with my new key but this not disarmed alarm. Car have TVSSIIIB (Toyota Vehicle Security System IIIB) and the coil on the ignition switch have't signal because car is armed and we can't programmed new key. Somebody now how I can reset this unit (TVSSIIIB) that programming the key to the car?
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