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  1. @Maduggo Thanks for your advice, I did it, instead I had to use two WD40 to clean the sensor, it’s now working fine, your help is much appreciated.
  2. Update on repairs; Quite a story; quick summary - At the end they (warranty wise) agreed to repair shock absorber only. - Lexus Twickenham offered 10% discount to Warranty wise but not to me on parts. - Lexus Twickenham issued me a full invoice without a single reference that they have issued a 10% discount to Warranty wise. - - Warranty wise accidently revealed that they got 10% from Lexus Twickenham. - - what was agreed between them that discount was not offered to me, they charged me fill £902 on parts & labour. - When I discovered this 10% discount, there was no reasonable justification that I can accept. - - during enquiry of this 10% discount, Staff response was pathetic, service & repair staff (single staff) was not taking ownership. - - Now they (Lexus Twickenham) will revise invoice. - rain sensors, was told that Jell pad is missing - - when I told them to install Jell pad, it is still not working, asked why, was told that more diagnostics required, why it is not working when Jell Pad is now installed. - - - why not in 1st place, when they have already charged for Jell Pad which means nothing, as rain sensor is still not working & pushing me more to do diagnostics so they can charge me more. Quality of work will have to see how long it last, but I do feel that car is now better responding on jumps & no sound from offside. But overall customer dealing was not up-to the mark, I am not saying that it was bad, but there were lapses between their own internal communications & communications with client (in this case me), not sure how they are running such a large showroom / business. @Malc, you are right LS400 is far better, few of my friends also saying the same, but if I can get hold of one nice piece, as you said that your car is very good, This is my 1st LS, before all I have GS MK1 (still in my thoughts, if Time is in my control, I will go back in time & buy GS MK1 1997 model that last one in MK1 series I liked the most) & will keep it for ever as long as I live, then had MK2 & then MK3, didn’t like MK3, somewhat like MK2, I was after LS for a long time, got it, now screaming, just for this instance only, don’t know if I be screaming in future, very bad experience. Not sure if it’s me only (bad luck) or there are other with issues.
  3. Afternoon I ran into troubles with few items, wondering if some may guide me. Bought a LS430 last November 55 reg from a private dealer, bought a warranty wise warranty as well for 1,2k platinum Now after seven month I ran into troubles; - Front shock start gives knocking sound, --- Turned out to be replacement required - Front driver side parking sensors going off intermittently --- Turned out to be someone painted on it, did not fully understood what does that mean. - Rain sensor for wipers not working --- turned out to be someone have removed / missing jell pad, no clue what that is. - Driver side mirror is not dipping --- Turned out to be someone glued a mirror that’s why it’s not working. For the DIY jobs that were done but I was not aware of it, that they will not be covered. Called warranty wise, shocks not covered, because they have classed it as wear & tear rather than a fault. I am wondering what’s the point of buying a 1.2k warranty-wise warranty. Anyhow, I need guidance, on following - Mirror fix, Lexus Twickenham says that 725.11 is cost of replacement --- >>> Not happy but not end of the world, I can live with that. - Parking sensors one sensor replacement costs 175, causing me headics, randomly going off - Shock absorber replacement will cost me 978.23, that do need replacement, because on bumpy roads I do hear knocking sound. I am not sure why suddenly all this started happening, is that because it’s a bare minimum maintenance kept, at the time of purchase so this will not be noticed & now its popping up after seven months. I bought this because I am 2nd owner, 1st one was a lady, & just driven 30k mile-age in 8 years, with proved MOT records & service stamps from Lexus Edgware all eight of them. If you were me what you are going to do to fix it. Regards
  4. Thanks Mark for your guidance regarding Sat Nav & Blue-tooth, I will check it in morning & update results. About tyres, can I put 265 or 275 width tyres on rear wheels or not, is that technically allowed in current configuration of wheel itself, I am not changing the wheel as its original LS wheels, but want to use 265 or 275 tyres, because same Bridge-Stone tyres are almost 60 & 50 quid cheap then the 245 size tyre. I will explore your described tyres as well. Thanks for help.
  5. I am wondering if someone may plz guide. I had few questions. 1. I had placed an order for Sat Nav maps DVD year 2013-2014 from Lexus Twickenham, just received it by post, now I am wondering, how to use it, is that the Normal DVD player where I have to use, per my google search there is suppose to be a DVD already there which is powering up the current maps, but there is no DVD in CD / DVD player. 2. Every time I start my car, few minutes later a beep will alert me that Blue tooth connection failed to established, I have check all options & sub-options, but I cannot find any thing related to blue tooth, how to disable it. 3. My car is due for tyre change, current installed tryes are "245-45-18", other day I was in quick fit for my wife Jazz tyre replacement, when I asked about the price I was quoted 243 per tyre / fitting for BridgeStone, tracking & balancing saperate. But to my surprise "265-45-18 & 275-35-18" were 190 & 198 each. When I ask why is this difference, reply was 245 are more in demand. I have also checked the code of tyre that all tyres are made in June-2013, so not very old tyre, so can I use 265 or 275 for the rear wheels, if yes, will there be a penelty on fule consumption & is there any change in driving comfort as well. LS in question is 430 & 55 reg. Your help will be much appreciated & happy new year.
  6. I am feeling very down, my car have not shown a single issue during last 3 years, buy why my 460 in this category.
  7. Tony you are correct. But I would like to add one more point, i.e. Last year I fitted a bit loud exhusts, but quickly fed up with the amount of noise, because you are a human being, at one time you are in joly mood, you like noise etc. but other time you need some quiteness then that will be the time you will get mad, even though the noise in side cabin is still low, but it is constant noise. You would net be able to enjoy music or a nice chit chat with some one. I had to change them back to normal & they cost me 300 from quick fit inclusive of every thing. Just my own experience that I am sharing with you. Thanks
  8. Guys, one quick question regarding reg mark on cars. Usually before 2001 all cars have a reg mark like the one I have got on my MK-1 R53WNB (means it is a 97 reg car) After 2000 starting from 2001, the reg mark is changed to a different pattern i.e. I have got on my MK-3 SB57DLB (means it is a 2007 after September reg car) But for some time now I am seeing cars on road with a altogether different pattern of reg marks, such as AB60CDE, how that 60 had to be read. Does any one have any info, because I have seen such reg on one of the 2010 model LS600h as well. Any info. Kind regards
  9. I did experimented with your theory yesterday, & I found same issue with my Lexus as well, but if I am using cruise & dis-engage it, this is not the case, this is only in no cruise mode, I mean I am using manually accelerator, but if i restrict it to 4th or 3rd, makes a reasonable speed, if the car had already achieved the final gear, this will not happen, but if the speed is slow & one gear is still pending to be engaged subject to the wait time so a reason able speed is achieved, I the release the accelerator same thing happen. I did this experiment on my MK1 as well which is 1997 only had 4 gears, this doesn’t happen in my MK1 & I have only noticed this in MK3, now I am concerned, if this ecu fault or something else, I have check my balancing & tracking both are perfect. Now tell me, have you checked with both cruise & manual speeding & also achieved final gear & in another instance one gear deliberately left to be engaged what is the response of your car.
  10. You are not alone, thieves are quality conscious now days, and my one nicked five times, now with rubber caps, because of cheap quality £00.50 all of five of them, and no one is bothered to nick it.
  11. Hey Tigerfish, You said that you have a key with built-in remote keyfob for MK1-96, is that correct? (like mk2 starting from 1998 on-wards)) I have a MK1-97, I have a fob separate to key. How did you do that? will you be kind enough to share, how did you manage to do that? Kind regards -shuja No mate, I must've worded my reply above wrongly. The key has the imobiliser transponder (or whatever it is called) built in. The remote for the locking/alarm etc is a seperate 2 button fob. ooooohh you have killed my excitement, I was very much waiting for your reply (how to do it). I am very keen to combine my key & remote-fob as a one on my MK1. I love my MK1 & don't like MK2&3, but certain things that I want to change, the biggest thing that I am looking forward is key & remote-fob combining in-to key. Well any how one had to live with compromises :) Kind regards -shuja
  12. Hey Tigerfish, You said that you have a key with built-in remote keyfob for MK1-96, is that correct? (like mk2 starting from 1998 on-wards)) I have a MK1-97, I have a fob separate to key. How did you do that? will you be kind enough to share, how did you manage to do that? Kind regards -shuja
  13. If it is GS300-MK1, If I remember correctly, some one in past had posted a post could not find it now, said the following procedure, I did it for my MK1 (it was for MK1 only) 01. lock your car. 02. unlocak your car driver door. 03. sit inside, close door & lock the door 04. switch on your car, but do not start 05. hold your key fob lock & unlock keys together for 15 seconds near centre console 06. light will start flashing on key fob 07. 1st press unlock, then lock, light will stop flashing. 08. switch off your car, remove key, unlock door get out, close the door 09. now use your key fob to lock the door. 10. it should be able to lock all four doors. If a key fob is already not paired with car, it will not work, to pair it, you may need to go to dealer who can do it for you. plz post update. thanks
  14. Me tooo, I am interested in third break light with cover & spoiler break light, please please notify, if you would be breaking, it is no more manufactured & could not find it either. If you do decide to break it yourself, I would be interested in some bits and bobs ;)
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