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  1. Connector with 0,75 tiny wires in engine department No cover, no proper connector shield... :shutit: A little bit strange from Lexus. Just my opinion about electrical wire connector.
  2. Welcome Dave also from me...the new one here B)
  3. So sad to hear this...but my opinion is that every car can have problems and wish you good luck going to Volvo... With most respect of name Volvo I can tell you that also Volvo is not the old good car like before... so many mistakes in 2 years at just 60.000 km is more then real prove of not bad but scarce quality products and mistake which is common and factory doesn't change nothing years and years... I just decide to change a car from Volvo XC90 to Lexus 600h. Of course I suppose that I get better, more reliable, technically and hybrid newer technology not mention quality of Lexus brand made in Japan. Did I? Regarding the geartronic automatic is the best choice. Good luck.
  4. I was happy when I see this theme on forum. At my old Volvo forum they attack me when I start writing about other brand (Lexus 600h) and I decide to leave forum where few people moderate together with admin and have 10 active members... This is the short list of some old car before, present and still waiting delivery for new car. I start from present one... 1. Volvo XC90 2.5T Ocean Race Limited Edition 2006 ( so many factory mistakes, recalls, at the end after 60.000 km I must change engine in guaranty) 2. Hyundai Tucson V6 2005 ( after 3 months they change automatic gear...and after 21 day again) 3. Mercedes CLK 240 2003/4 (constantly on service-electronic problems) 4. Mercedes A 170 CDi, MB E 270 CDi ( exchange cars in time of long service MB CLK 240) 5. Mercedes C180 Elegance (1994) 5. Yugo 45 Zastava (1993) 6. Bmw 315 (1985) 7. Fiat 126 Polish (1984) 8. Golf II (1983)
  5. Especially searching nice and technically full information about Lexus car.
  6. Thank you for so big welcome. I'm owner of Volvo XC90 2.5T Ocean Race limited edition and after 2 years and 60.000 km I decide to buy a better and newer technology (hybrid) quality car doesn't matter how much cost me... Almost double price is for 600h and I hope to not have all this factory problems like with Volvo. I stay honest to brand Volvo and I don't sell it bcs. Volvo for life is old "speak" but I suppose Lexus for relax in life is the new one. :winky: p.s. I have still few months to waiting for delivery but I came to forum Lexus to see, find, learn and enjoy in technical and other suggestion of owners bcs. at local small Volvo forum when I mention that I buy a brand new car they start provocative attack, writing so bad about Lexus, hate, jelaous and when I try to ex plane that I still own XC90 they banned comment. I can't mention other brand of car at Volvo forum ? :tsktsk: :tsktsk: My view of forums like this is "provincial way of thinking". Just reaction of my old Volvo forum friends. Sorry for off topic but true hurts... o.k. Now stop mentioning Volvo :shutit: After all I'm happy and proud to waiting some months because I know what I buy... The first car Lexus 400 was came in Slovenia 1993 and first test drive with new owner lady Lovše (Toyota dealer manager) was impressive.
  7. Cassette deck for old fashioned users. Very nice but a little bit too old for year 2008 and MP3 and other digital solutions on audio equipment.
  8. Hello from Slovenia. Still waiting for official delivery date for new 600h. Waiting time is around 6-8 months... Hong Kong
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