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  1. Does anyone know what happened to the cars SPC was testing? Did they reach the 350bhp mark? Did any of the engines fail? I'm really, really interested in these guys project. I'm planning to have a turbo fitted in the future, might ask them to do it... There was a guy here in Sweden who tried's kit and ran it for a couple of months with about 0.4bar pressure and he says it worked perfectly. Anyone tried this kit?
  2. Oh well, just my luck... Thanks guys! Do you think this could cause the vibrations? They occur from about 55mph on fourth, fifth and sixth gear. No vibrations in the steeringwheel, but in the rest of the car and sometimes the gear stick looks like it'll jump out of the car! ...and yes I've balanced, rabalanced and replaced my aftermarket rims... :)
  3. Hi! I'm one of those who has a problem with vibrations on firstly sixth gear, but now it's catched on to fifth and fourth gear... I lifted the car today and noticed that I could move the drive shaft axles up and down in the differential housing. (Both sides, about equal). The housing itself seems to be fixed, so it shouln't be the mountings to this. Is this normal? The car is an IS200 Sport from 2000. It should be equiped with an LSD, but I'm not shure. The wheels turn the same way when rolling them with the car lifted. The Toyota parts selling program says the following: 013H REAR DIFFERENTIAL F19X 3.909 So, to summary: Should you be able to move the drive axles up&down, side to side. Or should they be stiff?
  4. PROBLEM SOLVED! :D It was the spacer-plates on my front wheels that caused it all. They've made the hub-rings on my rims not fitting correctly, and the first curb probably moved the wheels slightly. I actually grinded down my front brake calipers now, so the wheels fit without spacers. I still feel a slight vibration above 60mph, but I know my right wheels needs to be balanced. Final thoughts... Don't by Darwin Racing "RAGE" rims unless you're ready to grind down your front calipers - they just don't fit! ...or just don't use spacer-plates at all! Thanks for all of your ideas & quick responses. I'll visit this site more often in the future!
  5. Okey, i'll balance my winter-wheels (yeah, it's getting cold up here :D ) and fit them this week and try them out instead. I actually, come to think of it, have got spacer rings on the front wheels. (Yeah, I know it's not ideal - but its the only way to make my rims fit) Maybe they're playing me a trick... Thanks for all of you're responses!
  6. Hmm... I suppose it could be. Couldn't see any bumps in any rim, but didn't look that hard. Any more suggestions?
  7. Maybe, but they checked all bushings and rods.
  8. Hi! My IS200 Sport (year modell 2000) starts shaking when reaching 80km/h (about 50 mph) and continues to approx. 130 km/h (about 80 mph). You can feel it throug out the car, i've recently fixed the front brakes and balanced all wheels so it's not just the front wheels or brakes. I've had it to a Toyota shop today and they could feel it, but couldn't find any worn bushings and we also checked the counter-weights on the drive shaft. The big bearing (not shure what it's called) holding the drive shaft is also OK. The gearbox bushings aswell. I'm running out of ideas of what it can be, so does anyone know what this could be? Regards, Niklas / Sweden P.S. I'm Swedish, so if something is mistyped - that's why :winky:
  9. Just wanted to say that I had the same prob with mine IS200 y.m. 2000. The radiator leaked from underneath. Starting to feel like a weak link in the IS200 cooling... I got my insurancecompany to pay it, about £616,50 (7500,00 swedish kronor)
  10. Does anyone know how much power the accessory amp provides? (the one standard in "sport") I've got the enhanced (spelling?) stereo in my IS200 Sport y.m. 2000. I'm thinking of upgrading to a Panasonic 2DIN 7" touch-screen unit with 4x50W (4x20W DIN). My concern is if i'm really upgrading or downgrading as i'm pretty satisfied with the sound from the old stereo... What do you guys think? (I'm swedish and have a Swedish sold car, but I guess it should be the same specs.)
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