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  1. i believe the small battery only supplies power to the electronics, this then enables the hybrid system to start the car, i dont think the battery starts the starter motor.
  2. My MR2 is a 2003 mate, 230mm length X 120 mm wide X 190mm height approx mine I believe to be a Panasonic supplied by Toyota if this helps. You need to just make sure the terminals are located the same as original if you are getting a different make etc mate. + & - in same place.
  3. It's just a standard run of the mill battery nothing special hence its the same on the Toyota MR2 ! I ordered mine from my nearest Lexus dealer in Norwich which was same franchise as my local Toyota dealer so asked them to send it down to the local Toyota garage for me, I paid over the phone and when I went to pick it up the guy in the parts department said if you had ordered one for a mr2 it would have been cheaper! When I got home looked at the MR2 and is exact ! I since have had to have one on the MR2 and same part number. panasonic T28800-YZZJU. £62.57p 24/05/2017
  4. Some advice, they are the exact same battery as fitted to a MR2 roadster only about £20 cheaper for the MR2. I have both cars and found this out after I paid more for the Lexus.
  5. I've driven mine in the snow a few years back fairly deep and found it superb with plenty of grip and stability, standard tyres aswell, maybe the extra weight of the hybrid batteries helped.
  6. I believe this is the case. I always take mine to roys motor company an independent toyota/Lexus specialist , Ian there told me something on the lines above before . I'm sure he would answer your question over the phone if you gave them a call and asked for Ian 01603 424877 . Based in Norwich so can't be too far from you. Have used them for over 25 years and have been superb . Phil.
  7. I think that's a lot for that ,Lexus offered me £6500 for mine 53k 2006 and would have put a couple on top when on forecourt so for 3 years newer and a bit more miles seems a lot.
  8. Yep as above deffo the AFS for headlights, as you turn the steering wheel the lights follow the direction of turn but this can be turned off if required. Spare wheel is lowered under flap in boot but you remove a small round plastic cover to access the bolt to turn . mine has done 53k 2006 and I was offered £6500 at Lexus dealer recently so there are some low mile ones out there for not too bad price.
  9. My biggest bill was for cambelt, water pump , plugs (which are hard to get to well 3 anyway ) full service , brakes freed off, £600 . Had a 12v battery twice since ownership as these are really small and like said above just provides power to electrics to tell hybrid system to start car. Same battery on a MR2 roadster only cheaper on the MR2 ! You need to drive one you will be amazed how fast they are and refined . The RX400h don,t have air suspension unlike the se-l RX300 so nothing to go wrong there. I would look to get a SE-L spec if you can as you get rear DVD screens for the kids as well !
  10. Well I took my 2006 RX400h with 53k miles on to my local Lexus dealer the other day to test drive a couple of cars and was offered £6500 for it which as its near mint thought for a main dealer wasn't too bad an offer. Mine has been ultra reliable with only the odd brake caliper sticking and wheels needing to be refurbed. Just make sure all recalls have been done and allow £60 per wheel if need refurbing.
  11. Had Hankooks fitted on mine four years ago they have been superb and were around £104 each fitted.
  12. Having a broad Suffolk accent I would say " home" and she would come back with CD radio so never got grips with mine lol
  13. The aux leads are useful for playing PlayStation through the screens, when my son was younger when we went away on trips he would plug his PlayStation in there and I had a power pack which plugged into the cigarette lighter and powered it, was brilliant kept him amused.
  14. I looked at 8 before I bought mine and all were at Lexus dealers and 7 were awful ! Travelled from Suffolk up to Derby, Leeds finally bought mine from Lexus Hatfield but not the one I put deposit on as that was shocking too ! Be prepared to wait for a good one , one will turn up mate .
  15. Same colour same interior as mine , although I had my wheels powdercoated in a Porsche grey metallic so a little darker than should be , mine 06 plate 52k , awesome car you'll love it, had mine 6 years and no intention of changing it for anything newer. All best .
  16. I have a RX400h 2006 and a MR2 roadster and can tell you they have the same battery !! I replaced mine on my RX and my MR2 and the battery is cheaper for the MR2 but same part so if you do need one buy one for a MR2. Also have a solar charger which I plug in when I leave mine at the airport, have left it for over two weeks no probs.
  17. Hi mate welcome along, I have a 2006 RX400h superb motor you won,t regret it. I am Also in Suffolk, I have mine looked after at Roys Motor Company (toyota/Lexus specialists )in Norwich used them for last 20-25 years brilliant .
  18. No not at the minute sorry, have driven a newer 450 but still prefer what I have , I have a 2003 MR2 roadster with only 12 k miles on also , showroom condition but use my 2004 RAV4 for everyday use and RX for a long run. If I traded the RX probably be shocked what it's worth as paid over £22k when I bought it so would need to add to it quite a bit to replace it.
  19. Mine is a 2006 se-l which hardly gets used, it's taken out occasionally mainly trips down to Heathrow when we go on holiday, cleaned and then back in my garage, owned for last 7 years and now on 50k miles serviced yearly weather needed or not , but probably not worth a sight if chopped in for something newer, but well looked after so I would buy something that's been looked after , older, rather than something newer but abused. Like the rest have said look for history, condition over anything .
  20. Drove an LC500 today.

    They look stunning don,t they !
  21. Drove an LC500 today.

    Looks good in silver as well ! Still prefer the Red with red interior I saw in Japan though . Be good to see one come driving down the road will turn a few heads .
  22. Wow what a car ! I'm currently in Japan on holiday and went to the Toyota factory today on a tour then to their museum where they had a LC and a LFA plus various others. Took a few pictures, you could sit in the LC but not the LFA . Awesome car .
  23. Sat in LC500 today !!!

    Yep metallic, it was awesome looking, the U.K. Roads are not going to know what hit them when you see one coming down the road ! Lottery win only way for me lol. let me know how test drive goes....lucky bugger ! i have a 2003 MR2 roadster now that is low and not easy to get out of the LC was easier if I recall.
  24. Sat in LC500 today !!!

    Hi mate I have sat in a RCF but that was at Lexus Ipswich a couple years back so not much help as can't remember lol, and my RX sits up high so they are all low to me !!
  25. You can get someone out mate that will do smart repairs and would cost a very small amount. I have a chap I use for things like that little scratches etc less than £100 for something like that. Hope this is of some help if not another idea would be get 2nd hand one from a breaker ?