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  1. Phil.

    Hill & Webster ring a bell? if so it's me Nev

  2. Are these type of gaitors any use? let me know if they are I have some old ones you can have, in my garage, plus you can get a multitude of colours if you want new ones, ball park price about £25.00. You can even get Black,
  3. Now and again Kwik-Fit do promotions on certain tyres, I got my first set of Pirelli Zero Scorpions on the RX300 for about £600 instead of the £700 they were asking for elsewhere.
  4. I'd say more like 30k and it'll pay for itself, that's how it worked out for me anyroad.
  5. I was told that if I wanted to have a tow bar fitted by Lexus, for an extortionate price, that I'd be best off going to them because of the sophisticated electrical system, only their 'technicians' would be able to fit a tow bar, as they have to go on extensive courses to do this.
  6. Yup, mine too, a lovely neon Blue too if I may say so.
  7. Now then Carl, how did you go about congestion charges in London? I had a £65 congestion charge for mine, the missus had to go into London on a work meeting, now as far as I understand the Lexus 400h is exempt, the last Lexus RX300 had LPG and we'd received no charges on previous visits, so why this one? the muppet on the other end of the phone couldn't get it into her head that although it produces 192g/kg emission, whilst running on petrol engine, which she reckoned was too high to be exempt anyway, the zero emissions from when it's running on both electric motors, due to urban driving under 30mph, didn't let the Lexus qualify. There is a form to send in enabling me to contest the charge, which is whizzing it's way to said muppet.
  8. Lanza is it? top of my head can't remember the proper name, I'd have to dig out the documents
  9. Aye plus one for the Italian system,
  10. That's just it, none, none at all, mainly because I did my own research, before buying, and not listening to the Vectra owner in the pub, who's best mates, sister in laws, dad had a system fitted, on a shoestring budget, and found it went pearshaped on him after 6 months, I got the right system, literally paid a pittance for a two year warranty on it, had it serviced every year, and paid for the flashlube system to be put on it.
  11. yes. I take all installers were making comments based on "experience" ? ;) Well after 5 years and 80,000 miles on LPG, is that enough "experience" for ya
  12. Glad it's of some use, anybody uses them to buy parts from, can they leave some sort of feedback on how they are and operate, plus import taxes sometimes charged by other sites, I've just bought a Suzuki motorbike, and although not needing anything as of yet may do in the foreseeable future. Nev
  13. Have used this site for exploded parts views, for my Yamaha bikes, never ordered anything from them mind, but some in here may find it useful to bookmark for future reference. Nev word) www.megazip(blocked word)