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  1. Silver is tricky... probably just some parking scuffs that were repaired. It looks good in the pics anyway! If the car is basically a good 'un I'd stick with it.
  2. I'm selling my total spec IS250 SEL Auto- I've sent you an email/voicemail with the spec etc.
  3. I've decided its time to move on, and done a deal on another car. The px offer for my total spec IS250 mm auto is v low vs what they're up for at dealers, so I'm wondering about other options. e.g autotrader etc Are they cars that sell well privately? Is the market still dead at the moment?
  4. Well done! As you say, its only money (and if you don't spend it the Chancellor will!)
  5. They changed mine after 3.5 yrs and 45k miles.
  6. I'm always impressed coming back into my IS250 with the handling- its very nice along the twisties, as fast as you need to go on roads anyway, steering nicely weighted and the ride is very good vs BMW M Sport. And it is nice driving something different to the usual suspects!
  7. I never trust mine anyway... its only as good as the TMC data which is sometimes wrong- I've cruised through non-existent but marked delays a few times now, it would be annoying to re-route. I remember with the BMWs, the TMC only worked when you fitted the right disc which had the tmc code on.
  8. Not had that- I'd guess its a problem with the nav dvd drive. Hopefully it was just a little glitch which has sorted itself.
  9. I reckon you might find the IS a bit dinky for a little girl and all the bits and bobs they travel with. The 5 will be much more practical, and BMW engines are exceptionally good. A6 worth a look too. My preference; get an older 535d M sport touring- looking tempting value used now. You can also get the 520d as an auto, if that matters. If you want to appease your in-law, then get a test drive in an RX hybrid which would be a great family car as well as satisfying the eco-mums at the school gates when the time comes.
  10. use the DIY kits and u risk killing your air con system, or making it worse - stay away! I agree. I definitely don't have the knowledge required to even think about attempting something like that. For £50 you might as well take it to a generic air con servicer. The comma stuff seems to have worked very well. I think I'll just get a new filter and I've saved myself about £90! Matt Does the car smell unpleasantly 'lemon fresh', or has that worn off already?
  11. Have you had the smelly air-con fault? I understand there may be a recall for that...
  12. Interesting insight Buzz... I certainly don't think my Lexus is any better or worse than any other prestige brand I've owned, but the dealer, Lexus Reading, is defo the best of any marque, and I certainly feel that Lexus have gone the extra mile to keep me happy.
  13. Brave man! Must have been very traumatic, judging by the instructions... I'd be very interested to know if it works.
  14. I can't speak highly enough of Lexus Reading service. Other dealerships I've ventured into seem good too. What other company would have given me a new set of alloys after 4 yrs and 45k miles because the others had gone a bit bubbly in places? Or a new LCD rear view mirror (cost £450) because I said it was creaky-feeling? Yes, the car has had a few issues (show me any make of car that hasn't) but all have been dealt with painlessly.
  15. Great idea... I'll check it, and the Comma version out. Does it get into the condenser? This is where the bugs lurk I think... Where is the recirculation intake? Does it work actually killing the bugs, or by disguising the smell by adding some horrible fragrance and make the car smell like a minicab? I read somewhere that the Lexus system is prone to trap water somewhere if a drain-hole is not cleared... anyone else got any recollection of this? Edit to add links-
  16. I thought that was somewhat ironic too! I suppose the issue is in the design rather than the build...
  17. An interesting video I stumbled across. Not sure what the wooden doll bit was all about...
  18. People often underestimate the speed of auto box changes vs manual, plus pulling away from rest etc. Whilst the 'headline' figures show a manual car to be quicker, this is achieved by a test driver in a way you'd not want to drive your own car, whereas anyone could get the headline figures out of an auto/dsg! There's a good article in this month's Evo about VW and the new GTi.
  19. The place locally was offering 2 services- complete, i.e. drain, regas, test, clean and debug etc, or just a clean + debug which was much cheaper. If your aircon is producing lots of nice cold air, it does not need regassing, so just needs a clean which should be about £50.
  20. Cheers- I'd be interested to hear if they've fixed the tapping noise, and what they did. Ipod integration's a good idea- what did that cost?
  21. Good luck with the new car... I hope it satisfies. Those DSG boxes are most impressive.
  22. Not another recall... Sounds like the same fault as mine. I'll be interested to hear what you find out, so I can point them toward a recall or TSB if there is one.
  23. Had it sorted again whilst it was in for the various recalls. They are convinced the system is working fine, but have "changed the parameters", be interested to see if its fixed it...
  24. Sounds a lot to me. I'd take it along to an aircon specialist to get it done, bet it'd be cheaper. FWIW, our local Vauxhall dealer are offering an aircon service for all cars for rather less. Does your aircon smell odd when you start up when the cars warm? Mine does, and I've been wondering about a service.
  25. Nice car! Just like mine... Mine does the tick-tick-tick thing from the right side of the engine too- the newer ones don't do it, so I think they've modded something on the newer engines. What did your dealer say about it?
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