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  1. Hi Richard Did you get one? If not and you're still in the market you might want to have a look at mine. I bought as an approved Lexus from Lexus Leicester in 2008 with 18k on the clock, it's now done 152k but drives just the same as the day I got it. Serviced by Lexus every 10k miles (on the dot). It's the SE multimedia. I've agreed to trade it in against a new car for £3.9k. New rear tyres and MOT until end of February. Let me know if you want to take a look as I'm only in Derby.
  2. 250 all the way, bought mine as an approved lexus with one owner and 18k on the clock in jul 08. Now done 142k and still drives the same and economy 33 - 35 mpg throughout. There are virtually no advantages with the 220d over the 250 and loads of well documented disadvantages! Also just so happens mine is available for less than £5k from next week :)
  3. I've run Jag, Audi and BMW v6 diesels doing 25k+ miles pa. They average 35-45 mpg. My is250 averages 36mpg (real mpg not per computer). Is250 also requires servicing more often. BUT as ghazi says you pay thousands to keep these cars (audi, bmw etc.) on the road. With the Lexus you pay virtually zero unless you're unlucky. Petrol also cheaper at the pump. Strange as it sounds 2.5 v6 petrol engine car is the sensible option for high mileage drivers.........on that bombshell. Passat not a bad call though but in r36 guise!
  4. Bought mine with 18k on the clock and about 18 months old. Now just clocked up 134k and 7 years old. Serviced every 10k and apart from tyres and two sets of pads and discs no other repairs or replacements. Very happy!
  5. No cos it never occurred to me that the knocking would be sorted after the tyres and alignment were done. As i mentioned on previous post mine's had the knocking since i got it and has been through tyre changes before with the knocking being unaffected by the tyre change so i can only assume it was the alignment that sorted it.
  6. My rear drivers window had deep scratches (i'd probably call them grooves) when i bought it from Lexus Leicester. I never got around to taking it back which was foolish. I assumed it had been caused by some kind of random event not by an inherent fault with the car but from these posts it sounds like something in the door mechanism is causing this. It would be useful for us to post a few pics of the scratches to see if there is a common pattern to the scratches? I'll try and do this later in the week.
  7. Mine is Sorted! Went on Blackcircles.com (fabulous web site and service by the way) and ended up at EDM Garage Services at Findern Derby to have my tyres fitted. They said that they do free wheel alignment check for all Blackcircles customers so I said: "...........yes please and if you can stop my uneven front tyre wear you'll be doing better than Lexus who always say the alignment is within acceptable tolerances............." They did the free check and confirmed it wasn't within acceptable tolerances. I therefore paid £29.99 for it to be put right AND it has also sorted out the knocking on full lock. :D
  8. I just want to be able to set the temperature and let the car do the rest (i.e. warm up air when necessary, cool air when necessary, increase fan to get to the required temperature quickly etc). I thought this is what Climate Control did but I've not been able to achieve this after 20 months and 40k miles of ownership!
  9. Mine has this feature on full lock to the right. It has done it from day 1 (18k miles when I bought it from Lexus) and continues now (I'm up to 60k miles). Lexus reckon there isn't anything wrong, no "advice" is ever given on the services and it passes MOTs so I don't worry about it (much) anymore and just try not to put full lock on so it doesn't happen! It did it both before and after the steering rack recall was done.
  10. Hi this is my first post having picked up the IS250 last week just before going on holiday so only got to drive it home then leave it on the drive and think about it whilst on the beach! This forum has already answered several of my questions including how to switch off the car and carry on talking on the phone! When I picked up the car the dealer tried to get me to take a five service package. My car has done 19k so this was for 30k, 40k, 50k, 60k and 70k services. They wanted the best part of £1600 and as I was keen to get out on the road I flippantly said I'd take it for £1300 which they declined. Anyway they've just phoned me and said if I pop back in they'll do it for £1300 and put it on 0% finance if I like. I do about 30,000 miles per year so these services will come around quite quickly and it works out at an average of £260 per service. I had an Jaguar XJ before and this seems cheap! There seem to be vast differences in peoples experiences on Lexus' servicing costs and wonder what you all thought about the deal I'm being offered - should I go for it?