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  1. I have read that Lexus sometimes fit Dunlop runflats and that they are quieter than the Bridgestones which seem to be fitted on most UXs. But none of the 300e models are fitted with run flat tyres unlike all other UX models with 18 inch wheels. Even now run flat tyres have improved, I believe they still generate more noise possibly due to their stiffer sidewalls.
  2. Sadly not. White headlining is only available with rich cream or ochre leather on either takumi or premium plus or cobalt with white on the premium plus pack.
  3. I'm glad they don't. Inbuilt things tend to go out of date or maybe aren't very good in the first place. If it went faulty, probably the whole roof lining would need to be dismantled to get at it and so on - and it would no doubt cost a fortune. No, I'm happy to have my own choice on dashcams I was thinking that an integrated dash cam function could share the same cameras as the rear parking camera and either the front parking camera and/or the camera used for traffic sign recognition. Also as side impacts account for 30% or so of crashes, side cameras could usefully be included with an integrated system possibly sharing the panoramic parking cameras. The sat nav gps system could provide position and time data and the infotainment system could be used for the dash cam's screen, memory, power supply and a few extra menu options would complete the system. With the potential of many shared components, the additional cost could be much less than a stand alone system plus fitting. I guess dash cams are not that different to parking cameras. I've not had any problems with the parking cameras on the couple of the cars I've had with them fitted. Also my current car is a seven year old design and the 360 degree parking cameras on the new model are not dramatically better than mine. The story with the sat nav system is rather different and in that case I would agree with your point about inbuilt systems going out of date.
  4. Hi @Herbie I've never had a dash cam so this is all new to me and there are many products on the market. So please excuse my ignorance. But having read some reviews by the likes of Which and AutoExpress it seems Nexbase generally rate very highly whereas some others, including a few well known brands, pick up poor ratings. I guess then it's down to personal requirements. For me I think front and rear cameras are essential. It seems only three of the Nexbase range offer this facility. Next I know I couldn't be bothered with mounting and removing a dash cam every time I used the car. Unless I'm mistaken the 380GW would be more difficult for a thief to pinch than all the others which seem to have a magnetic mount. A shame because the 622GW has a better resolution although in the package with a rear camera it is more expensive than the 380GW. Why don't auto manufacturers include dash cams as an integral part of their cars in the same way as we now have come to expect built in sat nav, hands free phones, parking cameras and sensors?
  5. Hi @Herbie Thanks, that's interesting, which model dashcam are you comparing the 380GW with?
  6. @Hamish2015 I share those same concerns and feel it worth paying a little extra for that peace of mind. Also the Nexbase 380GW and it's rear camera fitted by Lexus is one aimed at the fleet market. Therefore I guess it's likely to be, or should be, more of a quality product than some aimed at the more cost conscious consumer.
  7. I think you're right @ColinBarber that it's the online configurator that's at fault.
  8. Interestingly the 350h with premium plus pack I selected in the UK Lexus online configurator only gave two interior trim colour options.
  9. I had a test drive in a Merc C Class plug in hybrid and it felt noticeably heavier and less pleasant to drive. As the NX 450h+ only has around a 10% weight penalty over the 350h hopefully the NX won't suffer so much. But it's the extra £7k+ on the price which I couldn't justify. Would be different if it were a company car purchase.
  10. My apologies Colin, I think you're correct re exterior colours but it does seem the USA get more interior trim options as well as greater flexibility in equipment options and a wider choice of engines. As the UK is a much smaller market I guess this is to be expected and it's certainly not just Lexus who offer a more restricted range in the UK.
  11. Hi all, You can now build a gen2 NX on the USA website. The options and packages are very different to those we'll have in the UK and in the USA they get more choice of colour and interior trim. But it does give a feel for the appearance of the colour and trim options we will get. I believe a prototype gen2 NX was being taken around dealers and that in January cars should be available for test drives in the UK. Presumably the UK motoring magazines will soon be publishing details of test drives and dealers will be holding launch events.
  12. @Gorb Rotating tyres can be a problem with tyre pressure monitoring systems when the sensors are for specific wheel positions.
  13. I've read that some UX owners have found the Dunlop runflats to be much quieter than Bridgestones. gives noise and other data for most makes of tyre.
  14. Just had a chat with a guy at Lexus. Body colour wheel arches are only on F Sport and Takumi. He suggested February delivery could be possible but as usual I think that's subject to the particular spec you want and build slot availability. But unless my circumstances change I've now decided to wait until January before making a decision. I was set on a UX250H Takumi but I've just discovered the new Premium Plus NX350H appears to have all the features I want and it's within 10% of the UX250H Takumi price. I'm tempted to push the budget even further for the NX but I'm not sure my partner will agree because she prefers driving smaller cars. We need to test drive both. Demo NX cars should be readily available in January but a left hand drive prototype is already being taken around the country should anyone want to check it out sooner.
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